Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Grand Opening Of India's First CryptoDATA Concept Store

India's tech landscape is about to be transformed with the launch of India's first CryptoDATA Concept Store, proudly introduced by CryptoDATA Tech, a leading European technology company specializing in blockchain-based solutions.

The Grand Opening of India's first CryptoDATA Concept Store, an exclusive official distributor for CryptoDATA Tech, will make innovative products and software solutions available for Indian users that are looking for enhanced privacy and digital security.

Founded in 2013, CryptoDATA Tech has swiftly risen to prominence as a global leader in blockchain technology. The company is celebrated for its innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to data security, making it a pivotal player in advancing the adoption of blockchain-based solutions worldwide.

With a strong foothold in the Indian market, CryptoDATA Tech actively engages with the blockchain community through various educational initiatives, webinars, and open-source contributions. This commitment not only fosters a deeper understanding of blockchain technology but also empowers individuals to build successful careers in this dynamic field.

In addition to its technological pursuits, CryptoDATA Tech holds the majority stake in one of the eleven teams participating in the MotoGP’s World Championship, known as the CryptoDATA RNF MotoGP Team.

For the opening of the CryptoDATA Concept Store in Bengaluru, Ovidiu Toma, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech, was present to share with the participants the values of the company and the future objectives of CryptoDATA in the Indian market.

Ovidiu TOMA, CEO of CryptoDATA Tech:

"I am thrilled to attend the opening of India's first CryptoDATA Concept Store. This launch marks a significant step in our journey to empower individuals and businesses with cutting-edge blockchain solutions as India's tech enthusiasts can now experience the future of technology up close. We support dedicated professionals that are committed to uphold the CryptoDATA values and we’ll be very well represented on the Indian market by our official distributor and partner right here in Bengaluru. We continue to look forward to helping and supporting young entrepreneurs who are passionate about innovative technologies, giving them the tools and guidance to succeed in this fast-moving field."

Bogdan MARUNTIS, Global Strategy CryptoDATA Tech:

"India has always been a dynamic hub for technological innovation, and we are excited to be a part of this thriving ecosystem. Our commitment to fostering blockchain education and providing innovative solutions aligns perfectly with India's tech aspirations. We look forward to a future where blockchain technology transforms industries and empowers individuals across the subcontinent."

Darshan N Chudgar, Technological Partner & Official Distributor:

"As the official distributor for CryptoDATA Tech in India, we are excited to bring this pioneering concept to the heart of Bengaluru. This venture is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology solutions to the Indian market. With the CryptoDATA Concept Store, we aim to provide a platform where businesses and individuals can explore the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology. "

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