Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Action- Packed College Rivals' India Tour Reaches Bangalore!

Ampverse DMI, a pioneer in the esports industry, is all set moving to Bangalore for its much-anticipated College Rivals tournament. The event is now poised to ignite the gaming passion to its next destination entering Bangalore as part of its pan-India tour which will be followed by Pune, and Mumbai in the coming months. The resounding response from students and educational institutions in Delhi and Hyderabad, along with the tournament's resolute presence on social media, serves as a testament to its soaring popularity.

College Rivals continues its dedicated mission to nurture esports talent by engaging with the burgeoning gaming culture in India's educational institutions. The city awaits a thrilling event that promises to unlock esports players true gaming potential as College Rivals invites students and gamers from every part of the city to embark on this extraordinary journey. The College Rivals mobile gaming truck will traverse Bangalore, conducting player selections and offering an immersive experience. Participants will be plunged into a world of high-stakes esports, fiercely contested tournaments, engaging influencer interactions, pulsating live DJ performances, and boundless entertainment.

Students from all over India are registering for six different categories of games including Battleground Mobile India (BGMI), Counter-Strike, FIFA 2023, Road to Valor: Empires, Valorant, and Tekken7. Crossing more than 26000 registrations pouring in through both online and offline channels, College Rivals has captured the imagination of the youth. The arrival of College Rivals in Bangalore signifies a new chapter in Ampverse DMI's mission to elevate competitive gaming and foster a unity amongst the college students. Students will have an opportunity to engage with interactive games on college campus, and well-known gamers and influencers like Payal Gaming while enjoying electrifying musicals, building up the tempo for an unmatched gaming experience.

Ashwin Haryani, Country Head, Ampverse India, expressed his enthusiasm, stating “Bringing College Rivals to Bangalore is a momentous stride in our journey to empower the vibrant gaming community across India's educational institutions. The enthusiasm we have witnessed in Delhi and Hyderabad has been inspiring, and now, as we set foot in Bangalore, we're ready to amplify the gaming spirit even further. Together with DMI Finance, we're set to redefine the esports landscape. Bangalore, gear up for an exhilarating ride into the heart of competitive gaming!"

Watch College Rivals Action: Ampverse's esports collegiate IP launch of College Rivals

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