Thursday, May 4, 2023

Trendlyne Launches Starfolio, A Free Baskets Investing Product

* Starfolio By Trendlyne Helps Investors Make Their Own Baskets For Stocks & ETFs, And Buy Superstar Portfolios

Trendlyne, India’s leading analytics platform for investors and traders launches Starfolio, a basket-investing product now available to investors and brokerages for free. With Starfolio, investors can buy featured Starfolio baskets or create their own baskets. They can add and remove stocks or ETFs in the basket, and also set stop loss and rebalancing reminders. Investors can buy and sell baskets via six connected brokers - IIFL, 5Paisa, Fyers, Motilal Oswal, Zerodha and Angel One.. 

Starfolio is also available for businesses as a widget and API plugins.   

Trendlyne, India’s analytics platform for investors and traders, has seen rapid growth in the past year, with over 300 million page/screen views over 12 months on its website and mobile app. It is now among the top 50 websites in India in the investing space; the Trendlyne Markets app, which launched recently on the Google Play store, already has high ratings and over half a million downloads.

Trendlyne’s B2B business counts India’s major brokerages among its customers, including ICICI Securities, Kotak Securities, HDFC Securities, 5Paisa, Motilal Oswal, IIFL, Fyers, SBI Capital, Edelweiss,  and several others. Trendlyne serves over 500 million APIs and page views every month to its B2B customers.

Amber Pabreja, the CEO and co-founder of Trendlyne said, “We launched Starfolio to complete the product loop from analytics to transactions for investors, so that they can manage their portfolios more easily on Trendlyne. Investors can now log onto Trendlyne and easily buy and sell their screeners, watchlists or lists of stocks, using their preferred brokers.”

Starfolio enables theme-based investing, management of different portfolios within a family, and management of portfolios on different broker accounts. For instance, a user may be investing in a theme like the auto sector. To do this, investors can create a basket of auto stocks from scratch, or export the watchlist of auto stocks they have created on Trendlyne into a Starfolio basket.

Once they have saved and invested in the basket, the analytics for these stocks is separately available from their overall portfolio. Tracking and comparison becomes a lot easier.

Tendlyne is a profitable company and the goal from the start has been to market-test products to build a sustainable business. Trendlyne has built cutting edge products in the stock market and mutual funds space, encompassing stock scores, screeners, backtesting, Alpha Alerts (real time alerts across structured and unstructured data), stock insights, as well as forward-looking products in consensus estimates and analyst calls.

Starfolio is the latest new product launch on the platform.

About Trendlyne:  

Launched in 2017 with the idea of democratizing stock market data for investors and traders, Trendlyne has gained a strong foothold in India in a short span of time and simplifies investing in the stock, derivatives, and mutual fund markets. These markets, awash as they are with news, ‘stock tips’, and management commentary, often prove confusing for investors. Trendlyne’s stock analysis platform offers unique and innovative products, many of which are first in the market. Trendlyne has built over 20+ data feeds of its own, which makes analysis possible on unstructured information like pdf filings and research reports. This gives them an edge over competitors and flexibility in building products.

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