Thursday, May 4, 2023

Bangalore Gastro Centre Will Be The First Hospital To Introduce A Gut Microbiome Testing Kit With The Support Of AI And Data Mining

* Bangalore Gastro Centre (BGC) signs MOU with 3BIGS to transform the diagnostic experience in India

The Bangalore Gastro Centre (BGC), a pioneer in top-quality specialist care for all digestive disorders, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 3BIGS from South Korea, a global healthcare leader in handling Biodata and Artificial Intelligence technology to transform the diagnostic experience in India. The agreement was sealed in the presence of Dr Yogananda Reddy, Director and Chief Gastroenterologist of Bangalore Gastro Centre and Dr Junhyung Park, Founder and CEO of 3BIGS. The collaboration aims to provide end-to-end customized diagnostic services from collecting samples to recommending a nutritionist/doctor to provide the right medical support. Bangalore Gastro Centre (BGC) is the first hospital to establish this service in India. This collaboration will give access to the doctors from Bangalore Gastro Centre who will develop the gut microbiome test kit to help provide accurate results. This kit will soon be accessible by patients as well as a larger audience. 

Dr Yogananda Reddy, Director and Chief Gastroenterologist of Bangalore Gastro Centre, says, “It’s a great honour for us to collaborate with 3BIGS, who are pioneers in data mining, and experts in AI and bioinformatics. It is for the first time that a South Korean firm is collaborating with an Indian hospital to develop a gut microbe tech testing kit for the benefit of the people at large. This product will be accessible and affordable to all, and will help prevent the onset of gut issues and improve gut health as the first step to boosting overall health.” 

The Bangalore Gastro Centre (BGC) is known to be Karnataka's top gastro centre. It has a team of highly qualified professionals who can treat a range of gastrointestinal conditions ranging from acidity and liver problems to cancers. 

Dr Junhyung Park, Founder and CEO of 3BIGS, says, “We are highly privileged to collaborate with Bangalore Gastro Centre as they are known to be the best in providing world-class digestive healthcare facilities in India. There is an increase in cases of chronic digestive issues found among the younger population globally. And with an increase in cases, it is essential to get a quick and accurate diagnosis to avoid end-stage diseases.”

“We were looking at collaborating with a hospital that has a futuristic approach, believes in innovation and adopts advanced technology for seamless growth in the diagnostic market. This association will certainly change the dynamics of the healthcare industry in India.” 

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