Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Team Computers Along With Nutanix And Red Hat Hosted- “Modern Infrastructure For Modern Apps”

With new technologies and applications emerging every day, companies are struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape and need modern infrastructure solutions, which are secure and reliable and can help them stay competitive. 

In line with this Team Computers, one of the leading IT solution providers in India, along with Nutanix and Red Hat-certified full-stack platform recently held an event under the theme “Modern Infrastructure for Modern Apps”. The event highlighted a comprehensive overview of modern technology solutions that can build a robust IT infrastructure that meets the current needs and prepares companies for future growth. 

The Nutanix and Red Hat-certified full-stack platforms bring immense capabilities for businesses to exploit the latest features of cloud computing, storage, and virtualization technologies. This powerful combination allows enterprises to increase their performance and agility in running their applications. 

The event throws light on the upcoming applications that organizations must adopt in order to have a modernized approach to their technology stack. This also brings the need to simplify complex systems and processes, while offering a secure and reliable network base.

Moreover, the two companies along with Team Computers have partnered to provide companies with cloud-native solutions that prioritize simplicity, scalability, flexibility, and reliability. This combination ensures customers can easily transition from one platform to another while also maintaining a high level of data security through the latest technology.

Given the energy with which Team Computers bridges the gap between IT solutions and your business needs, the event offered an opportunity to explore a wide range of IT solutions from Nutanix and Red Hat, bringing together 60-plus IT leaders under one roof.

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