Friday, February 17, 2023

Must Have Books For All Aspiring Indian Entrepreneurs

We are living in a time that is highly unpredictable and the only way to find peace and solace is through books. With entrepreneurship being the buzzword in the last few years, many industry leaders have penned down their entrepreneurial journey.

This year we bring to you the top 5 books on entrepreneurship that you should not miss reading:

Engineered in India: From Dreams to Billion-Dollar Cyient

Authored by BVR Mohan Reddy is the story of a young man who steps out of the precincts of IIT Kanpur in 1974 with a dream in his heart – to become an entrepreneur and contribute to nation-building. Undaunted by the dearth of experience and means to capital in pre-Liberalization India, B.V.R Mohan Reddy’s enterprising spirit takes the long and winding road, never losing sight of his ambition. He gains overseas education on scholarship and dons multiple hats before embarking on his life’s mission at forty.

Published by: Penguin Random House

Available on: Amazon

Leadership with Soul

Mr. André Lacroix, Global CEO reveals his formula for how to make businesses flourish. He shares his outstanding insights, developed over a long and diverse leadership career, to present a people-centric approach guaranteed to change everyone’s outlook on leadership. The book focuses on understanding ways people can inspire global organisations to outperform the competition. It discusses methods on how to create a truly customer-centric organisation and leave a sustainable legacy for future generations. 

The book highlights the 10 leadership principles which are Lead with emotional intelligence, Imagine the journey and paint the picture for all, Energise the organisation to outperform, Customer Intimacy, Reinvent the future, Master Complexity, Embody the strategy at the top, Laser-focussed execution, Ever-better branding glo-cally, and sustainable performance for all.

Published by: Eska Publishing and World Scientific

Available on: Amazon

Doglapan: The Hard Truth About Life and Start-ups

This is the unfettered story of Ashneer Grover-the favourite and misunderstood poster boy of Start-up India. Raw, gut-wrenching in its honesty and completely from the heart, this is storytelling at its finest. A young boy with a ‘refugee’ tag growing up in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar outpaces his circumstances by becoming a rank-holder at the pinnacle of academic excellence in India-IIT Delhi. He goes on to do an MBA from the hallowed halls of IIM Ahmedabad, builds a career as an investment banker at Kotak Investment Banking and AmEx, and is pivotal in the making of two unicorns- Grofers as CFO and BharatPe as co-founder.

Published by: Penguin Random House

Available on: Amazon

Futurepreneurs: 10 Deeptech & AI Startups redefining tech in India

 A constellation of imaging satellites that can detect something as small as gas pipeline leaks. An intelligent customer service voice bot that can mirror your language and accent. A portable breathing device that can save lakhs of infants who die on their way to reaching an ICU. No, we are not talking about Silicon Valley - these are all Made in India startups. When an MIT trained scientist, Varun Aggarwal, and a bestselling startup author, Nistha Tripathi, come together to examine the cool stuff happening in India, a book like this is born.

Published by: Maple Press

Available on: Amazon

Maverick Effect: The Inside Story of India's IT Revolution

In the mid-1970s, a young, twenty-something man living an American dream threw away a lucrative job as a database manager and came back to India. At that time, India had no IT industry to speak of; computers were a novelty, and the nation was trapped in socio-economic backwardness and a labyrinthine License Raj.

Published by: Harper Collins Publishers India

Available on: Amazon

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