Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Masai Launches India’s First Tech Internship Guarantee Program For College Students

* Students from all educational backgrounds can apply for specialization in Web Development & Data Analytics

Masai School, an outcome driven skilling institute, has announced India’s first internship guarantee program. Spread over 6 months, this program is designed to provide an immersive practice-based-learning experience to students with specializations across Front-end web development, Back-end web development and Data Analytics. They guarantee an internship at India’s top tech companies with a stipend of up to 60,000 INR, else offering a 110% refund. This unique program will be rolled out by Masai via Prepleaf, which the company recently acquired, and will begin on 16th May 2022.

This outcome-based course comes with personalized mentorship from industry experts who have experience working in companies like Google, Amazon, Uber and Microsoft. It is structured to provide hands-on project experience, tool-based-learning via live classes and interview preparation that will help candidates get internships which can be converted into full time job offers. This is the first program launched by Prepleaf since its acquisition in December last year, adding to its already impressive no-charge placement preparation platform.

Speaking about the launch of the new program at Masai’s first tech conference, TechTonic Shift ‘22,Prateek Shukla(Co-founder & CEO, Masa)i, said ‘’Degrees are not enough to become successful in tech, more and more companies are looking at portfolios and projects while hiring. Internships are important for this and building technical skills is essential in bagging a good internship. The next important part is getting access to sought after opportunities in interesting and aspirational engineering and data teams. These are the two needs the Tech Internship Guarantee Program looks to provide for. If you don't get an internship, we return 110% of your money. That’s our guarantee."

The program, which guarantees 110% refund on fee if internship outcome, is the first of its kind and was announced at TechTonic Shift ‘22, Masai’s flagship TechEd conference. The event was hosted in collaboration with the National Skills Development Corporation & hosted talks by Vineeta Singh(CEO, SUGAR Cosmetics; Investor, Shark Tank), Amrish Rau(CEO, PineLabs), Abhishek Goyal(Founder, Tracxn) amongst other industry leaders. With more than 18000 registrants, each session focused on opportunities that enable a successful career in the tech and start-up ecosystem for them. The aim of this event was to provide access to students and graduates who are from tier 2, 3, 4 colleges and do not get opportunities to learn from top Indian business & tech minds. Further, Masai will also be conducting long term post-event engagements by building a network that facilitates career growth for all attendees. 

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