Friday, April 1, 2022

Kassio, A Global Crypto Platform, Receives A Pre-Seed Funding Of US$ 1.6 Million

Kassio, a crypto for everyone platform that allows users to buy, sell, borrow, earn and utilize cryptos, successfully raised a funding of 1.6 million US Dollars in the pre-seed round. Kassio received its funding in February 2022 from two major European investment funds and the round was successfully led by Aalto Capital. 

Kassio is a comprehensive crypto platform that instantly unlocks all the benefits of crypto through a simple and secure app, where there is something for everyone. The platform offers options where a user can stick to the earn feature if the trading feels risky, and earn up to 13% profits simply by converting funds into a stablecoin pegged to the USD. Alternatively, crypto users can instantly buy and trade in real-time and use the crypto they already own as collateral to receive instantly approved low-interest loans. Kassio also offers a unique crypto card that enables users to utilize their crypto in daily life.

The platform consists of an international team and was founded in October 2020 by Sachin Singh, Anuj Yadav, and Bharat Vivek, who have strong experience in product development and blockchain technology. Speaking about the funding, Sachin Singh, CEO and co-founder of Kassio, said, “This successful pre-seed funding round is a testimony to the strength of our project Kassio, its roadmap, offerings, and the innovative product that brings together crypto investment and much-required crypto utility features”.

Swedish Investors at Aalto Capital, along with two major European investment funds, immediately saw the potential of Kassio and its team. In February of 2022, they decided to invest 1.6 million US Dollars in the company's pre-seed round of funding to accelerate and globally scale the company's mission of making crypto mainstream. Shayan Khan, Partner at Aalto Capital added, “While crypto is the next biggest equalizer after the internet revolution, Kassio with its strong offerings, is a project that changes the whole dynamics of the community. I am confident that Kassio will be instrumental in providing quality crypto offerings to end-users and bring about the change that the world has been waiting for in this ecosystem.”

While the product is set to exit private beta in mid-April in India and mid-May in the EU, the platform already has an AUM(Digital Assets under Management) worth 16M US dollars and a loan playbook of 9M US dollars.  Kassio will use the funds to launch its operation in the Indian and European markets, further strengthening its product development process and adding more talent to the senior management across its legal, compliance, institutional relationships, and design functions.

About Kassio

Established in October 2020, Kassio is a one stop unified crypto platform that provides the users ability to earn, borrow, trade, shop, and utilize cryptos. The company aims to establish itself as the number one trusted and secure platform in the crypto space with its secure asset management feature, along with increasing the utility of the crypto holdings, allowing users/businesses to earn more value out of their crypto assets. Kassio aims to build the most secure and straightforward platform to facilitate these transactions for everyone from the crypto curious to the expert trader. If you are interested in following the journey of kassio and being one of the first to know about their official launch, you can join the waitlist at today.

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