Thursday, March 31, 2022

Vedantu Launches W.A.V.E 2.0, An Immersive LIVE Platform That Reimagines Online Learning In India

* Advanced 67 LIVE interactive features that enhance students' learning experience

* Key features include - 3D++, Multi Teacher Model, Portal, AR Filter, Drag/Drop, Stars, Badges & Dhol, On Stage, Instant Doubt Solving, Leaderboard, Report Card & Milestones

* W.A.V.E 2.0 uses 40% lesser bandwidth than other platforms

* In the last year alone, 280 million students visited Vedantu, and it’s YouTube channels witnessed 500 million views.

Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning, today, launched W.A.V.E 2.0, the world’s most interactive and effective classroom, at their event - Vtopia. The patented technology will redefine the learning experience and performance recognition at a whole new level. The 2.0 version of W.A.V.E (Whiteboard Audio Video Environment) learning platform, envisions inspiring every child and making quality education accessible, and creating an impact at scale in India.

The power of W.A.V.E is in its groundbreaking ability to measure 100+ parameters in real-time using AI/ML to drive student engagement, teaching effectiveness, and learning outcomes. The disruptive technology delivers precise insights through face recognition, content, whiteboard usage analysis, verbal interaction analysis, doubt analysis, tone, and sentiment analysis, and much more.

With the advent of technology and personalization at an unimaginable scale, students today engage better with study methods that are fun, interactive, and rewarding, W.A.V.E 2.0 brings the best of - Personalized Teaching, Learning, and Recognition for each child, it is 10X more engaging, effective, predictable, and designed for transformative learning outcomes at a fraction of the cost for millions of students. With the integration of advanced AI/ML technology, Vedantu is setting benchmarks for the future of online pedagogy. The platform’s holistic user experience aims at increasing active student participation. Truly designed for Bharat, where high-speed internet has still not reached everywhere, W.A.V.E 2.0 delivers the highest quality content and uses 40% less bandwidth than other platforms.

Vamsi Krishna, CEO & Co-Founder, of Vedantu said, “We are determined to provide the best education for students with our patented technology. Since its inception, W.A.V.E has been used by 4000+ teachers to teach 24 million students for 70 million hours. And these students came from 7300+ cities and towns, that’s almost 92% of the total cities and towns in India. With W.A.V.E 2.0., we want to create a learning experience that sparks curiosity and makes a student more immersed in the entire learning process. We are excited to invent an offering that pushes the boundaries of education & addresses the current challenges prevailing in the education sector in India. Irrespective of geographical boundaries, we aim to create an impact at scale for children all over the country.”

Today, W.A.V.E has 5 patents filed, and 1 patent already granted in the US. W.A.V.E 2.0 encapsulates 67 LIVE interactive features that enable students to unlock their true potential by boosting student interactions and improving learning outcomes. Major highlights in the new version include -

1.  A Portal - Digital notebook for students to write and demonstrate the concepts per their understanding. Teachers can evaluate and assist students 1:1 and the notebook can also be shared in the LIVE classroom.

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated with medium confidence2.   3D++ models to break down complexity - This makes complex diagrammatic concepts easy to understand. Students can enter the 3D world, zoom in to view minute details, and rotate the 3D model.

3.  Multi Teacher Model - Facilitates seamless handling of bigger classrooms through batches without compromising on the quality of interaction. Master teachers can focus on teaching while a second teacher, known as the Class teacher, can simultaneously solve the students’ doubts in real-time. This allows us to mentor and guide every single student, irrespective of class strength while ensuring they are understanding the concepts inside-out.

4. Milestone, Report Card, and Leaderboard - This encourages students to perform better. Teachers can trigger a report card during certain milestone events in class for students to understand statistics around their quiz attempts. ‘Leaderboard’ is an A-game feature that ranks students in a Top 15 list basis the points that they accrue by participating and getting correct answers in an activity.

5.  Stars, Badges, and Dhol Instantly - Instant gratification enhances student morale. This feature drives it by showering Stars and Dhol to create a fun experience, reward classroom performance & behavior, and celebrate birthdays with animation and sound effects.

6. AR Filters - Further to make learning entertaining and educational, teachers can use filters while teaching the younger grade students for undivided attention.

7. On Stage Appreciation - With motivation and appreciation at the centre, ‘On stage’ allows teachers to do what they would ideally do in a physical classroom when they bring students in front of the blackboard to acknowledge and reward them.

8. Tag, Drag, Drop - Touch-based interactions between a teacher and student made simpler with Tag & Drag/Drop feature. Objects can be moved and matched around on the whiteboard matched and actual images can be clicked on to select answers.

9.   Instant Doubt Solving - The biggest difference between a recorded video and a LIVE real-time class is a student's ability to interact and ask doubts. W.A.V.E 2.0 enables ‘Instant Doubt Solving’ with multiple Teacher Assistants (TAs) in a LIVE class to support the Main Teacher in resolving student doubts. Their teamwork makes the dream work!

Students have the access to the best quality teachers from across the country and can explore high-quality personalized content to advance their learning through real-time post-class detailed insights along with feedback on their engagement in every class. For large group classes, the platform can accommodate more than 2K students, and, for webinars, more than 10K students.

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