Friday, February 18, 2022

Twitter Introduces A New Label To Allow “Good Bots” To Self-Identify Themselves

Today, Twitter has introduced a new feature for automated accounts (also known as “bots”) to self-identify as “good bots” by adding a label () to their Profile - helping people differentiate automated from human-run accounts. Starting today, all automated accounts will have the option to add the new label to their account Profile. The label will give people additional information about the bot, and help them decide which accounts to follow, engage with, and trust.

This update comes as a result of research that found that people wanted more context around the accounts they interact with- the label will help give “good bots” (those that share helpful/relevant information and intend to genuinely improve the Twitter experience) a way to increase their legitimacy and build trust and transparency with their audience.

We’re all looking for ways to cleanse our timelines these days - and there are a whole slew of “good bots” on Twitter that can help us do that. Good bots can help people find useful, entertaining and relevant information every day - from sharing COVID-19 updates, to notifying people of traffic updates, to even helping people find internships. There’s a whole community of developers that are working hard to build bots that are genuinely useful and interesting.

#GoodBots help people stay apprised of useful, entertaining, and relevant information. In the spirit of celebrating good bots, here are a few good bots on Twitter India to note:






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