Monday, February 28, 2022

OTO Achieves 100 Crore Disbursal For 11000+ Vehicles Through Its Digital Commerce Platform

OTO, the two-wheeler buying and financing innovator has strengthened its market position in the vehicle financing industry by financing 100 Crore worth of vehicles through its digital commerce platform in the last 33 months.

OTO has acquired a significant market share in the auto financing industry within a short span. Since its inception in 2018, the start-up has facilitated the sale and financing of over 11000+ vehicles, amongst which approximately 2700+ vehicles are electric with more significant sales generated from its headquarters in Bangalore.

Commenting on the milestone, Sumit Chhazed, Co-founder, OTO, said, “With growing advances in digitization across sectors, there has been a significant demand in the ease of financing and buying vehicles online. We, at OTO, have witnessed a growth of 2.5x in our  books serving 6200+ happy customers from 2400 customers being served in the last fiscal through our digital commerce platform. We are already serving 2500+ a month which has scaled 8X YoY.

Not only have we raised capital from various investors to expand our business operations to new regions, but we have also built significant partnerships with established companies to grow our financing capabilities and supply chain model. This strategic approach has expedited the exponential growth of the brand. The doorstep delivery of vehicles with easy financing with digital paperwork and utmost security has won our customers’ faith in our company. We have aggressive plans to venture into new cities and strike new strategic partnerships in the near future” added Chhazed.

Hariwansh Kumawat, CFO, OTO, said, “Over the last 2 years, OTO has been growing in a steady way keeping the portfolio quality best in the industry. From doing 1 Crore per month, we have grown to 15 crore per month and the vision from here is bigger and stronger. In the next 12 months, we are confident of disbursing 600 Crore. While talking about the growth, the credit quality should never deteriorate and that is the mantra being followed across the board. The retail book, by virtue of its nature comes with some baggage and the credit losses are bound to happen. However, we are successful in building a robust portfolio.

By showing a steady growth and uncompromised credit quality, we became one of the most preferred partners of many of the Financial Institutions. We have been able to stay up to our commitments to our lending partners and that is why we are adding 1-2 partners every quarter. Today we have secured a pending line of 500 Crore with our current lending partners, and we are looking to partner with some of the bigger lenders as well who have a bigger appetite to bring down the cost and to have long-term visibility towards this space.”

Starting in 2018, OTO operates on an innovative financing model for 2-wheelers where the buyer pays an upfront amount like any other finance options but gets up to 35% lower EMIs with an option to retain, return or upgrade at the end of the tenure. The platform works in partnership with various banks and NBFCs to provide the most hassle-free financing options to its customers. It also provides full auto lifecycle management, from credit underwriting to insurance, maintenance, and eventual resale of the vehicle.

The fintech startup is making strides to bolster its business growth and intends to sell 75K two wheelers and achieve 600 Crores of annual disbursement by the next financial year. The company also aims to intensify its presence in India and expand its workforce.

About OTO:

OTO was founded in 2018 by IIT-Mumbai alumnus Sumit Chhazed and Harsh Saruparia to present a 10X simpler, faster and more convenient way for 20Mn Indians to buy and finance their 2-wheelers every year. The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, with its services also available in Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, and Mysore. OTO has created a dramatically simpler leasing-like financing model for 2-wheeler purchases where buyers pay a similar upfront payment like any other finance company , pay up to 30% lower EMIs and have the option to own the 2-wheeler at the tenure end OR sell it back to OTO. Around this core of “10X better” financing model & experience, OTO has added an app-based layer to help 2-wheeler buyers to find all the top options in one place, schedule a home test drive at their convenience and then choose to finance with OTO and continue to manage it - all in one place. With its 300+ dealer partners, OTO has financed more than five thousand two-wheeler vehicles. Find more information about OTO on

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