Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Transport Department Of Karnataka Inaugurates Inspection & Certification Center In Dharwad, Karnataka

* With I&C functional in the state, the government can effectively track quality of their vehicle population and modify future infrastructure plans

Transport department of Karnataka kicked off the New Year with the inauguration of I&C Center in Dharwad West RTO in Rayapur Industrial Development area, Karnataka. Mr. B. Sriramulu, Minister of Transport Department and Tribal Welfare of Karnataka, MLA Arvind Bellad, NWKRTC Chairman VS Patil, KSRTC MD Shivayogi Kalasad inaugurated the I&C Center and graced the occasion with their esteemed presence.

In the wake of increasing pollution, the Karnataka government decided to align with the I & C Center and regulate the existing vehicle population as well as the new ones. I & C Center bridges the gap between visual inspection and finalising complete road worthiness of the vehicle. The advanced and automated I & C Centers inspect the vehicles providing them with the certification as per road and safety vehicle measures. Most importantly, smart-card based vehicle registration and certificate issuing organisation Rosmerta Technology, headquartered in Delhi, won the tender to supply equipment and resources for the newly inaugurated I & C Center.

With Implementation of the Inspection & Certification (I&C) regime across the country will support the road safety policy of the Government, reduce accidents, promote safer vehicles, and clean environment. The greatest potential benefit of roadworthiness testing is that it will prevent personal injuries due to accidents. Vehicles that are regularly and adequately maintained and verified to be in optimal working condition last longer. Inspections will reduce the costs of repairs and replacement, maximizing your vehicles’ value and extending their life. Not only this, the other significant benefit of preventative maintenance is preventing small problems to grow into bigger (and costlier) ones. Vehicles might get damaged to a point beyond repair. Giving attention to Vehicles will also help decrease their downtime.

Commenting on the inauguration of I&C Center and addressing the gathering. . Mr. B. Sriramulu, Minister of Transport Department and Tribal Welfare of Karnataka, said, “ The Transport Department is mulling replacing the old buses with new CNC and electric – powered buses in state. He further added, The union government has suggested replacing the old buses with CNG and electric-powered buses in the state and hence these buses will start appearing on the roads soon.”

He also announced that automated driving test track would be established in all the districts. Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai has allocated a fund of Rs 2,500 crore towards the salary of the staff of the transport cooperation. The government is is reinstating the employees who were sacked for participating in the strike just before the second wave of the COVID-19.

The newly inaugurated I&C Center will also minimize harmful exhaust emissions and protect the environment i.e. high air quality, Enhanced resale value for Fit vehicle and  Improve Fuel Efficiency and saving of money is ensured through periodical inspection at I&C centre. This I&C Center will also increase employment opportunities for the citizens in the field of vehicle inspection.

About Rosmerta Technologies

Rosmerta Technologies Ltd. is a young, zestful and vibrant company that represents the modern age companies in India. Incepted in 2006, the company believes in innovation, agility, new opportunities and outstanding execution skills. Rosmerta has only one focus area- to add Shareholder Value through superior Return on Capital, accompanied with free cash generation. Engaged in the business of applying smart card-based technology to various paper-based applications that affect the common man in his daily life, Rosmerta enforces tested technologies to uncover new and innovative fields of application that simplify the lives of people across the nation. With a widespread presence, Rosmerta is by far the largest player for e-governance and transport solutions in India. In its short history, Rosmerta has been able to win prestigious projects for issuing Hybrid Optical Strip Smart Card Technology-based Vehicle Registration Certificates ("VRCs") and Driving License ("DLs") to different states of India. Successful implementation of these projects with near-flawless execution - almost 35 million VRCs/DLs issued/supplied, bear testimony to Rosmerta's outstanding multi-mode capabilities, ranging from winning business to successfully executing, all within reasonable cost and time. Rosmerta operates from 300 nationwide locations, giving it a national footprint that further enhances its appeal to its customers. 

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