Monday, January 31, 2022

Polytrade Announces The Launch Of Its Mainnet To Provide Working Capital To SMEs Using Crypto Liquidity


* Committed to fulfilling the unmet demands of Rs.2,200 crore of working capital for SMEs in India

* Financed more than Rs. 3,700 crore worth of invoices since 2014

* One of the biggest players at the global level to harness crypto liquidity and finance SMEs

Polytrade finance, a DeFi lending platform providing working capital to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the real-world using crypto liquidity has announced the launch of its much-awaited Mainnet. The launch of the Polytrade mainnet is a significant step in history as it would harness huge liquidity in the crypto world to directly support small businesses across the globe, making a real-world use of the digital currency. 

Polytrade was founded by IIT-Bombay graduate, Piyush Gupta in 2014 to support small businesses by providing working capital to those who were struggling for finances for a myriad of reasons including a lack of understanding around some trade finance instruments, lack of collaterals, high cost of borrowing, and exhaustion of credit limits.

As per the industry data, the unmet demands of working capital for SMEs in India attunes to more than Rs. 2,200 crore. The launch of Polytrade Mainnet has opened up a supplementary source of financing for these SMEs by creating a blockchain-based decentralized protocol. Since the starting of its operations, Polytrade has successfully managed to finance over Rs. 3,700 crore worth of invoices since 2014 and the launch of Mainnet will further spur the availability of finances to the SMEs.

Mr. Piyush Gupta, MD & Founder, Polytrade, “We are extremely happy to announce the launch of our mainnet that will provide working capital to SMEs. Our vision is to ensure that the small businesses that have been struggling to get the required finance never face such a shortage.”  He also adds, “India's SMEs will be key to achieving Prime Minister Narendra Modi's objective of making the country Atmanirbhar and a $ 5 trillion economy. Polytrade will ensure that these small enterprises have the working cash to achieve their goals.”

Polytrade’s global ambition

Notably, India is first amongst the emerging market where Polytrade is aggressively expanding its businesses. In the near future, it intends to expand to other growing economies including Latin America. Polytrade is also partnering with major distribution companies in the specific region to expand its reach

About Polytrade

Polytrade is a blockchain-based decentralized protocol aiming to transform receivables financing connecting buyers, sellers, insurers, and investors for a seamless experience. It brings safe and insurance-backed real-world assets to the crypto world. Polytrade will provide real-world borrowers access to low interest and swift financing to free up critical working capital tapped from crypto lenders. While the project will start with a focus on trade finance, eventually, it would evolve into a full-stack lending protocol for small businesses.

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