Thursday, March 11, 2021

Registration For LSAT—India 2021 March Session Ends On March 14

Registration for the March 25, 2021 administration of the Law School Admission Council’s (LSAC) LSAT—India 2021 exam will be remain open until March 14, 2021. Candidates who have yet to register for the LSAT—India exam can do so online by visiting After the closure of this registration, test takers will receive instructions on how to take the online, remotely proctored exam to ensure a seamless experience.

For students who wish to take the LSAT—India before the CBSE board exams, LSAT—India had announced an administration date of March 25, 2021. Aspirants who choose this option can take the test in March and can use these scores for their law college application. Aspirants can also re-test in June administration of LSAT—India, which will take place during the week of June 14, and have their best score reported for their preferred college for admissions. The registration for the June administration will close on June 4, 2021. 

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the LSAT—India will be administered through an online test delivery system utilizing artificial intelligence-assisted remote proctoring to ensure the integrity and validity of the test.

The LSAT—India is being used by many top law colleges in India as the entrance exam for securing admission to their law programmes. The LSAT—India allows students to take a single test to apply to many top law schools, so the LSAT—India is a great choice for students who want to maximize their opportunities and save time, stress, and money.  The list of colleges accepting LSAT—India as one of their key admission criteria can be accessed at

Applicants can prepare for the test using the material that is free to download from the Discover Law website ( or they can opt for a self-guided and more robust preparation experience through LSAC LawPrep, a new exam preparation program available through

About LSAT—India

LSAT—India is a standardised test adopted as an admission criterion by multiple law colleges across India. It measures skills that are considered essential for success in law school. LSAT—India is specially created for admission to law schools in India by the Law School Admission Council, USA (LSAC). The LSAC has been helping law schools in various countries evaluate the critical thinking skills of their applicants for more than 70 years.. 

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