Monday, November 1, 2021

EVRE And FreshWorld Join Hands To Support Dedicated EV Fleet

* Partnership to expand operations to 12 cities for 500 chargers for 1000-strong EV fleet

EVRE, one of India’s leading providers of electric vehicle (EV) charging integrated infrastructure, has partnered with Bengaluru-based fruits and vegetables retail company FreshWorld to provide electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions to fruit and vegetable vending e-carts in Bengaluru.

FreshWorld owns and operates a vast EV fleet for achieving the last-mile delivery of its products through the hub & spoke model, where EVRE will provide the charging and parking infrastructure to this extensive fleet in the cities of operations.

Announcing the partnership, Rajiv Rao, Founder and CEO FreshWorld said, “This partnership provides with the right domain support to manage our clean-mobility infrastructure, as we increase our focus to our customers, offerings and expansion.  Each extra charging hub will enable us with an opportunity to go farther into each territory using EVs and offer eco-friendly options of doorstep delivery of our products.  The only challenge being faced by a unique retailer like us was the support infrastructure to reach out to the wider audience.  With this hurdle out of way, we are looking forward to achieve our mission for pan-Indian operations while minimising our carbon footprint”.

Speaking about the partnership, Krishna K Jasti, Co-Founder and CEO of EVRE said, “It gives us pride in associating with a brand like FreshWorld that is utilizing the true benefits of clean-mobility for its core business.  This is another milestone in our journey as we are partner another important player in the EV ecosystem that mutually strengthens our 600-strong EV charging stations network across the country.  Backed by another partnership, we are firm and steadfast in our goal to achieve the 50,000 mark by end of 2023.”

During the first phase of long-term partnership, EVRE will support FreshWorld with 100 charging stations for its EV fleet of 150 EVs on Bengaluru.  EVRE will lease the land, provide the parking and charging infrastructure, operate & maintain, and take care of the insurance, safety and security of these hubs.  Over the next few months, as FreshWorld expands to new cities, EVRE will provide the support to park and charge this dedicated EV fleet with its existing and upcoming infrastructure at respective locations. 

The partnership is pegged to support a 1,000 strong EV fleet with 500 charging stations across 12 cities by 2022 Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and others. 

About FreshWorld: FreshWorld is a Retail start-up venturing into a 'Farm to Home' concept by organizing fruits and vegetables (FnV) retailing, in a distinctive street vending format employing eco-friendly delivery mechanisms using battery operated carts.  Going forward, FreshWorld plans to lease the e-carts rather than its earlier model of owning them. It is also launching an app through which customers can book their requirement of fruits and vegetables which will be delivered through the e-carts on their door step in a model that will become an on demand FnV delivery service. All billings are digital.FreshWorld will have an Unparalleled & Unrivalled capability of providing ‘Instant Gratification ‘with ‘Touch and Feel’ to customers who order on the FreshWorld App. Digital Order and Traditional Delivery will form a strong and differentiated business model and this initiative will help Freshworld in achieving its goal of being an innovative & disruptive FnV retailer.

About EVRE: EVRE is India’s leading integrated Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure company that follows EAAS (Energy-as-a-Service) model, offers public charging infrastructure in a pay-per-use model in nine cities across India.  EVRE is working towards enabling EV-ready communities and cities with sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure that are not only convenient but that prompts consumers to make the switch with ease. 

Founded in 2017, EVRE aims to enhance the experience of the EV users with smart and connected infrastructure for seamless and immersive consumer experience through its patented charging stations integrated with ComputerVision technology. EVRE is the only company in the world to integrate this technology with EV charging stations. EVRE is also ensuring sustainability through its solar powered Intellipoles which are solar street lights integrated with a hybrid charger compatible with 2, 3, and 4 wheelers, and an Air Quality Index system. The AQI Index will bank upon solar power as a symbol for the drive towards using clean energy systems through sustainable measures.

EVRE plans to establish and maintain 50,000 EV charging stations by 2023.

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