Wednesday, November 3, 2021

An Amazing Splendor “Diwali Décor” At Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore

* The light marvel 

Diwali, in all its amazing splendor,  is definitely the festival of bling. Every year, Phoenix Marketcity revels in this bling and sets up breathtaking light installations. This year as well, the mall will be sparkling with “Diwali décor”. The spectacular experience begins at the stunning entrance of the mall making it look grand just in time for Diwali. 

“THE LIGHT MARVEL” is a beautiful masterpiece created with colorful pieces of acrylic and fascinating lights. The light marvel is staged at Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore to bring delight to the eyes of those around. The lights play along with the intricate patterns and fine detailing to make it an outstanding art piece which aspires to bring in the joy of festivities. The adaptation of lights in a fountain structure giving it a mirage of running water is an interesting take on the famous light fountains. The Light Marvel stands 35ft tall in height and is constructed with an interesting blend of metal, lights, fabric and acrylic, making it a stunning piece, reflecting the spirit of Festival of Lights - Diwali. 

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