Monday, August 9, 2021

Youth Organization Founder Pramod Srinivas Raises Funds For Heart Surgeries For Two Children

In order to raise funds for the heart surgeries of two children who are battling for their life at Yogananda Hospital, Pramod Srinivas , founder of youth organization Rashtriya Youth Prathisthana found a way by organising a Volleyball tournament at Padmanabhanagar Ground. Revenue Minister ( excluding Muzarai) R.Ashoka was the Chief Guest on the occasion.

Under the aegis of RYP Pramod has mobilized funds of over Rs 3 lakh for the treatment of these two children. Pre and post treatment care will also be given to them.  The funds were raised from the participated teams  from Tridents Padmanabha Nagar, Tridents Jr A- Team, Tridents Jr B- Team, AHB Strikers Padmanabha Nagar, PESA Senior Boys, PESA Spikers, BMSCW Senior Girls, PESA Senior Girls, Samved, VET, School Team1 and School Team 2.

“We have raised Rs. 3,00,000 . A big chunk of that was possible only due to the teams who participated in the tournament. We have disclosed the use of proceeds in a transparency report that has been sent to all participants,” says Pramod Srinivas.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has made life difficult for India's poorest population that struggled for survival during the initial months of lockdown. Not just jobs and income, but inequalities have also increased in other areas such as healthcare and education during the pandemic. A family with no means of income and with the loss of the only member who could earn, their two children immediately needs heart surgeries,” Pramod adds

Dr. Jadgish , Managing Director, Yogananda Hospital says,  "it is so heartening to see that there are youngsters like Pramod in our country. He thought of an innovative way to  mobilise funds for these children who needed immediate surgery."

About Rashtriya Yuva Prathisthana (RYP):

RYP is a youth centric non-profit organization with a passion-oriented vision to create a sustainable environment for youths and develop an empowered civilization. They aim to create a Self-reliant society powered by socially conscious individuals to build and facilitate a movement of organized volunteering for societal well-being. They believe that our contribution to long-term youth development is to foster social hope among them by developing value-based leadership, strengthening youth engagement and youth development organizations to design and facilitate effective Journeys and co-creating social change that upholds constitutional values. Their vision is to inspire youth to volunteer, and provide them with meaningful opportunities to serve the community by creating positive change in the society, through the culture of volunteering.

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