Wednesday, August 11, 2021

NowFloats Is Committed To Empower Indian MSMEs To Stay Competitively Ahead

* Business sees 3X increase in customers amidst the pandemic

For a long time, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have been a major growth driver for several economies including India. Today, there are approximately 6.5 crore MSMEs that contribute to 30 percent of India’s GDP. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a massive transformation for MSMEs and in the way they operate. With the need to shift to a digital model, several small businesses faced the challenge to integrate technology into their business processes. Further, the lack of awareness of operating new technologies and the unavailability of tools custom for their business remains a major challenge for most small businesses. That further leads to the challenge to find the skilled talent to run these technologies at a moderate cost, which is necessary to build and manage the digital infrastructure effectively.

Enter NowFloats, a SaaS company that is enabling MSMEs across various sectors pan-India to digitalize. With the mission to enable businesses to digitize, easily and quickly, and to help the small merchants across the country, NowFloats is simplifying the digital journey of every business in India. Empowering over 35,000 businesses to grow online, its Boost360 business is focused on helping MSMEs across the country set up their online presence, thereby enabling the Indian MSME journey to transcend into digital and ensuring that they stay relevant. In doing so, NowFloats is not only helping brands to reach more customers but also connecting with customers from across geographies. 

Amidst the pandemic, NowFloats has been all the more relevant in enabling several small businesses to not only staying afloat but in being competitively ahead. The company saw three times higher adoption of digital platforms across businesses amidst the pandemic and is focused to help even more businesses stay profitable in the current environment. Its Do-It-Yourself (DIY) capability allows any small business owner to integrate digital technologies into their day-to-day operations without the need of any prior expertise, making it easy to adopt and use for anyone, thereby, democratizing technology.

Speaking on this, Nitin Jain, Co-Founder of NowFloats, “The onset of the pandemic has changed the entire environment for several companies on how they engage with the customers. However, with many MSMEs pivoting to digital in order to stay relevant, several companies became far more profitable in a digital model against the traditional methods. Our DIY model of enabling MSMEs to digitize is unique because it helps even micro and small businesses transform into digital without the need for any prior technical knowledge. We are committed to working with businesses from across the country to help them pivot to digital and further empower the culture of innovation and new business in India.” 

Established in May 2012 by Neeraj Sabharwal, Nitin Jain, Ronak Samantray, and Jasminder Gulati in Hyderabad, the brand has since grown into servicing customers across India. So far, NowFloats has enabled MSMEs to not only staying afloat during the pandemic but has helped them become profitable amidst the pandemic. By leveraging the power of digital, the company empowered its customers to connect with more customers digitally and helped them grow their businesses. The focus of Boost360 is to support SMBs to set up, manage and grow their business online. 

About NowFloats:

NowFloats Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a SaaS company that helps SMBs & retail businesses take their business online effortlessly, and enterprises, optimize their digital products. With 53 million businesses wishing to connect with over 600 million internet users in India, NowFloats’ mission is to help them do it easily and quickly without any need for technical knowledge. Founded in 2012 in Hyderabad, it now has customers all over India for three of its main products: Boost 360, Zadinga & Kitsune. Its team of 150 people ensures every business using NowFloats’ products becomes truly digital by offering solutions such as local content discovery platform, online business management suite, website promotion, marketing solutions, among other B2B services.

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