Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Leading Jewellers’ Organizes Vaccination Drive For their Employees And Contractors

Many Leading Jewellers’have held a vaccination drive  for its staff. Through this massive drive they ensured that 100% vaccination is done for their staff members, contractors which included security & housekeeping personnel. Keeping Social distancing as the prime focus, all the other essential and safety protocols were followed due diligently, at this event.Jewellers’ vaccination drive is one of the important drives of the company, which looks into very fact that essential medical and non-medical support to employees should be given seamlessly, to help them overcome this ongoing crisis.

Talking about the vaccination drive,  Mr. Ketan Dhruv, Hon. Secretary of the Jewellers’ association, Bangalore, said “ We are with the nation in this fight against this pandemic and to do that, the association with the collaborative effort of all its members, have taken steps to soften the impact of the pandemic on society though these kind of multiple charity programs”.

He further added that, many establishments with 100% vaccination should be given permission to start functioning immediately with adherence to protocols on restrictions. Such policy change will help in increasing the pace of vaccination drives and will also start the economic activities, saving both lives and livelihood.

Jewellers’ Association, Bangalore is a premier Jewelry association in Southern India with more than 1400 members and with a proud legacy of 80 years. Our members are the prominent Jewelers from various parts of India.

Jewelry has always been an important part of marriages in India. These marriages are not getting impacted and postponed due to lockdown. We need to meet the requirements of our clients in these kind of situations as well. Also, many of our clients might be disposing off their jewelry for their financial emergencies.

Considering all the above facts it is very important for this Industry to operate and hence the association puts forward a strong request to the Government to give relaxations for the trade to run.

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