Saturday, June 19, 2021

Edukemy Announces “All India Scholarship Tests For UPSC Aspirants”

Edukemy, India’s first EdTech Company in the non-STEM segment today announced All India ScholarshipTests for UPSC aspirants. The aim of this scholarship exam is to offer financial support to merit students during the COVID pandemic.  

These tests are designed to help evaluate students on merit giving a chance to avail upto 100% scholarship across courses offered by Edukemy. And the students scoring above 15 marks will receive Edukemy’s lifetime card to avail scholarship across all courses until clearing UPSC Exams - 2022 -2023. 

The scholarship Tests will be conducted every weekend and students will get a single attempt to clear the test. The test schedule is as follows: 

Week 1: 19th - 20th June                

Week 2: 26th - 27th June              

Week 3: 3rd - 4th July 

Test Timings window(36 hrs.): Saturday 10am to Sunday 10 pm 

The tests commence from 19th June and students can visit the website:  to register.   

About Edukemy 

Edukemy is India’s first EdTech company in the non-stem segment that has developed an evaluation model based on cutting-edge technology and expert pedagogy. The priority is to scale the learning experience for every individual by offering an insightful and enriching environment for students with a focus on live classes, handwritten notes, and a personalized interactive platform. With more than 50 years of cumulative experience at teaching and mentoring students, Edukemy strives each day, with every single student, to make a difference. They intend to democratize education by delivering quality content, valuable mentorship and believe in disrupting the normal and bringing innovation in methods of teaching. 

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