Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tata Motors Remains Vigilant About The Evolving COVID Situation

Tata Motors remains vigilant about the evolving COVID situation and has scaled up efforts to enhance the wellbeing of its personnel and their supporting ecosystem.

Keeping employee safety foremost, standard operating procedures have been updated for the prevailing second wave with the focus on expediting vaccinations, providing support to affected employees and their family members.

The lockdown enforced in various parts of the country is expected to impact vehicle demand temporarily. Hence, the company has set in motion a comprehensive ‘Business Agility Plan’ to protect and serve the interests of its customers, dealers and suppliers. By carefully calibrating and matching supplies with retail demand, Tata Motors shall ensure that optimal levels of inventory are maintained with dealers to meet whatever customer demands arise and also be prepared for a rebound in demand once the situation returns to normalcy. We will also continue to review and plan for the critical raw materials to cater to this volatile demand outlook and work closely with our vendor partners to meet the same.

Tata Motors believes this approach best serves the interests of all stakeholders by utilising the cash invested in the entire ecosystem in the most optimal manner.

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