Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Stockal Powers Ahmedabad Based MNCL’s Global Access Platform To Help Indians To Directly Invest In 3500 US Stocks + ETFs

After entering India in November 2019 Stockal, which is now India’s largest global investment platform will power Monarch Networth Capital Ltd. (MNCL), one of the country’s most reliable financial services providers to facilitate end-to-end seamless digital transactions for cross-border investments for the Indian investor. This will help MNCL tap more than 5 crore investors looking to diversify their portfolio in global markets. The coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many Indian investors to diversify their portfolios and invest in high performing stocks across the globe.

Stockal had opened about 15,000 accounts for Indian investors by April 2020 and by the end of FY 21, the Indian investor-base has grown 300% to over 45,000 overseas investing accounts.. Indians did $300 million worth of transactions on Stockal in FY 2020-21. MNCL’s Global Access platform seeks to enable over 1 crore new Indian investors to access Stockal’s range of products like Stacks where the investors can hold a fraction of a share of top performing stocks in the US.

Talking about the partnership, Sitashwa Srivastava, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Stockal said, “MNCL has been a renowned name in the market and has built significant customer trust over the years. We believe this partnership will help the company offer global investment options to their existing and new customers, thereby ensuring long-term relationships with them. The Global Access platform opens up new vistas of world-wide opportunities for Indian investors. Stockal has seen massive interest among global residents to invest in the US and other mature financial markets. Our partnership with MNCL will provide a great avenue for Indians who are looking to diversify their portfolios and tap into global opportunities.”

Speaking on this partnership, Ms. Ashma Zaveri, Chief Operating Officer, MNCL Global Access, said, “The new Indian retail investor, mostly comprising the millennials and Gen-Z-ers, are increasingly looking at diversifying their portfolio in global assets. A general interest in investing in US stocks, especially fractional investing, has been witnessed ever since the Coronavirus pandemic led to market uncertainties. MNCL Global Access’s entry at this most opportune moment of the Indian stock investors coming off age will trigger a new momentum in global diversification in India. With our partner Stockal, we will offer the most robust, reliable, and state-of-the-art global technology platform to enable Indian investors to tap the emerging opportunities across the world markets.”

Indian cross-border transactions have been growing manifold over the years with close to USD 19 billion remitted in FY 2019-20. While a large chunk of these remittances are for overseas expenses, MNCL, with this partnership, will be able to transform these into long term investments for young as well as mature investors.

About Stockal

Headquartered in New York and with offices in Bengaluru and Dubai, Stockal is one of the largest cross-border investing platforms for Indians and Asians processing USD 50 million worth of transactions every month. It has created a complete ecosystem for investors to make cross-border investments seamlessly, which includes local compliance facilitation, cross-border money transfer logistics via banking partners, investing front-end infrastructure, reporting, distribution, and investing education. Stockal is backed by investors with pioneering backgrounds in consumer businesses, financial services and technology in Singapore, United States, UK, and India.                                          

About MNCL Global Access

MNCL Global Access is the digital booking and distribution platform for global equities and ETF products by Monarch Networth Capital Ltd. (MNCL)MNCL Global Access provides the world’s best and a highly robust digital platform facilitating complete and end-to-end digital services to ensure paperless onboarding, secure remittances, and seamless investments in over 3500 pre-configured baskets of top stocks and ETFs listed on the US-based stock exchanges such as NASDAQ and NYSE.

About Global Access Platform

The Global Access platform is designed to ensure secure and safe cross-border transactions. It allows seamless fund transfer in US Dollars using the existing bank account of investors and each account is insured up to $500K by SIPC (Securities Investor Protection Corporation). With no cap on minimum investment, every common retail investor can start investing with any amount immediately, after completing the KYC obligations, which is also done completely digitally. Investors can also withdraw their Funds from their accounts anytime and remit them back to their bank accounts in just a few clicks.

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