Thursday, April 15, 2021

AdmitNXT To Revolutionise The Admission Process In Indian Market

* Caters to the entire admissions cycle of educational institutions from outreach to onboarding

* An incubate of the programme, AdmitNXT has received 1 crore along with expert mentorship from the Turbostart panel.

AdmitNXT, an AI First Admissions Solution is launched to cater to educational institutions around the world. This solution is a strategic response to the market's demand to enhance, organize and centralize the entire admission process. Within a single system, this platform manages all student data efficiently, provides actionable insights, and allows for better, data driven decision making.

The rising concerns amongst educational institutions regarding admission and enrollment numbers have only been amplified in these unprecedented times. They have struggled for two main reasons - either an aversion to technology enabled change or use of sub-par solutions that do not meet their real needs. What is needed is something that makes the entire process easier to use and efficient.

One of the greatest advantages of digitizing the application process is that applicants can submit applications at their convenience and stay up to date with its status. India has seen a growth of 50% internet penetration in 2020, encouraging more widespread digital adoption. Educational institutions will also be at a major advantage due to having quick access to student records and well-organized systems for navigating through candidates. It is more reliable, efficient and lowers chances of errors.

AdmitNXT’s AI First solution has been specifically designed in a way that provides institutions with a seamless way to manage the admissions process, from recruitment to enrollment, while ensuring that the solution can be completely configured to be similar to what the users are familiar with, so that adoption becomes easier.

AdmitNXT is aimed at enabling institutions to be more proactive in engaging with potential students, productive when it comes to communication and collaborative during decision making. This one-stop platform doesn’t just digitize, instead it goes miles ahead to refresh recruitment and acquisition methods and bring about a change in how engagement during admissions is run.

Led by a team of women who are helping those stuck in the old ways catch up with a more digital generation, AdmitNXT drives purposeful engagement and provides institutes with the right information to enable accurate data-driven decision making. It has been recognized by Turbostart for its innovative solution and potential to fill a crucial gap in the education sector.  As an incubate of the programme, AdmitNXT has received 1 crore along with expert mentorship from the Turbostart panel.

Commenting on the launch of the new solution, Nikita Sivakumar, Co-Founder & CEO said, “As audiences go digital, institutions must be ready to transform themselves. The idea behind introducing AdmitNXT is to offer a holistic solution that enhances the experience for all users, bridges the data gap and simplifies the entire process so as to ease the application complexities for educational institutions. We saw there are so many colleges and schools out there who could benefit from a solution that is easy to use, meets their needs, and then goes steps ahead to suggest ideas on how to improve.”

Natasha Rao, Co-Founder & COO said, “With the aim to revolutionize the admission process, we’re bringing paperless applications and seamless stakeholder engagement together into the educational landscape. With better insights, institutions can also make their recruitment process more efficient on this one-stop AI platform.

Simron Mohapatra, CPO said, “We have created AdmitNXT to be the first AI-powered admissions management tool that is poised to disrupt the edtech industry, with its advanced features and unique offerings. It's more than just a digitized and automation process for admissions. Instead, it would transform the entire old method of admission process for institutions as well as for students.”

From outreach to onboarding, AdmitNXT helps in application management and employs the use of intelligent recommendations to nurture the best fit candidates for your institute. Alongside these offerings, this hi-tech platform caters to institutions at a group level, giving you access to what is happening across your entities.

About AdmitNXT:

AdmitNXT is an AI First Admissions Solution for educational institutions around the world. This AI enabled platform provides a seamless solution for the admission process that benefits both students and administrators.  Conceptualized by a team that has driven digital transformation in education, this global product, has been perfected through experience & research and has been validated by sector experts.

Our team has taken time to understand what works, what doesn’t and how data can be utilized. The outcome is a platform built with rich features and functionalities, keeping user experience in mind. More importantly, it has been designed to fit into environments where other (legacy) systems are in place with well-defined integration capabilities, reducing transition and training time for teams as a result.

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