Thursday, April 1, 2021

News Aggregation App ‘News That Matters’ With Multiple Keyword-Based Searches From 1000 Curated News Sites Launched

* Free Platinum services for one year for registrations before 22nd April 2021

News That Matters, an android exclusive news aggregation app, providing multiple keyword news searches aggregated from nearly 1000 curated online websites was launched today. The app addresses a key challenge that online news consumers face in being unable to create multiple keywords alerts in a single platform. The keywords alerts can be edited on-the-go, and an unlimited number of keywords and news are available for Platinum subscribers. The app is available free-to-download on Google Playstore, and the Platinum subscription is being offered free for one year for all downloads till 22nd April, 2021.

Deepak Rai, Product Lead, News That Matters, said, “The app is aimed at increasing news consumption for the young generation from curated and authentic sources as a counter to generic search engine results which yield results from all sources, authentic or not. News That Matters is verifies genuine online news sites before these are made a part of its search list. By redirecting the user to the online news websites, the app will help content creators to garner more user traffic also.”

News consumers have constantly changing needs in the type of news they consume, and the speed of news updates can be critical in many cases. ‘News That Matters’ focuses on such critical needs of the news consumers empowering them to choose the news they consumer. Subscribers can change their keywords at will and news updating frequency is up to 30 times a day. Apart from the specific news consumer, there are eighteen sector-based news also covered, making this app invaluable to journalists, newsmakers, corporate communications, research, organizations, public relations agencies, and others who need to keep up with sector trends.

“Further, news consumption patterns are extremely personal, and a research by the company shows that that only specific news types are of interest at any given time. News consumption patterns change depending on changes in personal interests, happenings in the world, interest in personalities or companies, events, etc.  While new technologies are changing the way news is consumed, they have remained static when it comes to user needs and interests providing them with only the news they choose, without cluttering them with other unwanted content”, Rai added.

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