Wednesday, December 16, 2020

QurHealth India Launches ‘Sheela G’ - A Voice AI Personal Health Assistant For Breast Cancer Patients

QurHealth Solutions India launched “Sheela G”, a voice-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled personal health assistant in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, Bengali, Spanish, German, and French. Currently, Sheela G is available for Breast Cancer - Chemotherapy patients. Sheela G records patient’s vitals from home health devices such as Glucometer, Blood Pressure Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Weighing scale, and Thermometer in real-time remotely using Voice, Text, and IoT devices. Its AI models recognize digital signatures of patients and proactively assist in managing their disease conditions, including pre- and post-clinical therapies, dos and don’ts, reminders and appointments. Sheela G is now available for free from the Android and iOS stores through the ‘My Family Health Book’ app - “myFHB”.

For the 1st time in India, ‘Patient Caring through Data Sharing’ is enabled between Doctors, Hospitals, Caregivers, and family members—available in a Trusted, Safe, Secured, and Compliant environment improving patient quality of care. FHB apps (myFHB for patients, goFHB for doctors) are HIPAA, Hi-Trust, and FISMA Moderate compliant, and developed by an experienced team supporting over 8,00,000 providers and 6000 hospitals in the USA. 

QurHealth has partnered with institutions such as Oncology India (Bengaluru), and Cauvery Heart & Multispecialty Hospital (Mysuru), Dr. Rai CBCC Cancer Centre (Chennai), and Sanjeevani CBCC USA Cancer Hospital (Raipur), for pilot studies and research. Through Sheela G, hospitals and clinics can customize care plans for their patients and effectively ensure care compliances while the patients are in the comfort of their homes.

Mr. Ravi Kunduru, Founder and CEO of Ventech Solutions, the parent company of QurHealth, said, “QurHealth’s story is personal to many of us in life. We are a provider 1st company with a single goal ‘Saving Life, Super Proactive’. We are humbled to serve patients of all ages enabling safe, secured, and compliant access with their own caregivers, doctors, and hospitals. Our goal is to be a safe and trusted choice to the patients and their families for receiving personalized care, on-line and in person.”

Mr. Rajarajan S, Sr. VP, QurHealth Solutions, said, “Sheela G will revolutionize and positively impact the treatment by answering questions that a patient may have about their illness and treatment. We are starting with Oncology care and will be adding for other chronic conditions and disorders in the next few months. Our AI leverages to support a disruptive model for patient quality of care and patient engagement with caregivers, doctors, and hospitals for positive health outcomes.”

On Friday, 11th Dec 2020, QurHealth conducted a Webinar “The Rise and Rise of Telemedicine—A 360 Degree Review” with participants across India. The distinguished and honourable panel guests Dr. Alex Thomas, President - Association of Healthcare Providers India, Dr. Uma Nambiar, Co-Founder & Chairperson, Digital Health India Associates (DHIA), Dr. Murthy Remilla, Honorary Secretary of Telemedicine Society of India and Prof. Rick Mammone - World-Renowned AI Specialist, Rutgers University, USA, joined the soft launch of Family Health Book suite.  

About QurHealth Solutions India

QurHealth Solutions India ( is the health-tech spin-off of Ventech Solutions that manages the world’s largest healthcare quality data center serving over 8,00,000 providers, 6000 hospitals, and 7500 dialysis centres in the USA. QurHealth specializes in developing solutions for diversified populations to improve patient quality of care and higher patient engagement. QurHealth’s secured, trusted, and compliant data infrastructure AI platform “QurData” provides industry-standard health data interoperability, enabling research and innovation activities with one goal “Saving Life Super Proactive.”

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