Thursday, September 10, 2020

Spinny Offers 12 Days of Menstrual Leave, the First-Ever in India’s Automobile Industry

* Besides Menstrual Leave for women, the new policies 

* Work from Home, Family Adoption and a culture that inspires everyone to do the best work of their lives 

Spinny – a full stack online platform for buying and selling used cars – today announced the introduction of more employee-friendly HR policies, including Menstrual Leave for female employees. Besides, other new HR policies cover Work from Home and Family Adoption. A few policies are the first-ever in India’s auto industry.

At Spinny, every staffer has an equal say in processes and decisions, driving the belief Everyone is one. The Company believes in incorporating forward-looking policies to stay in tune with evolving times and provide an environment that inspires the Squad to do the best work of their lives. Consequently, some of these HR initiatives are the first-ever in India’s auto industry.

Highlighting the Menstrual Leave Policy, Mr. Niraj Singh, CEO & Founder, Spinny, said: “Since Squad Spinny is constantly growing and ladies represent 20% of our family, a major constraint for many women’s professional lives remains Dysmenorrhoea. These painful periods afflict at least 20% of ladies, with severe pain interfering with their professional activities. Accordingly, the Menstrual Leave Policy provides 12 leaves annually to our female employees – apart from the existing leave policy. Moreover, there are no conditions in availing Menstrual Leave.”

Regarding the WFH policy, since the pandemic’s threat, Spinny was one of the first companies to issue complete work from home policies since March. Thereon, Spinny had declared WFH until 31 December 2020 except for staff members that are involved in field operations, as they don’t need to be in a closed space for long periods of time. WFH has made Spinny’s staff more productive while delivering well beyond customers’ expectations. For field operations teams, all sanitization and social distancing norms are undertaken to ensure safety during home test drives and home deliveries – the latter equally important in offering safe experiences for customers.

The Family Adoption policy is aimed at helping staff provide a nurturing environment for orphaned children. Introduced in partnership with an NGO, the comprehensive Adoption Policy offers financial assistance up to Rs35,000 for staff adopting a child. Additionally, such mothers are entitled to 200 days’ maternity leave if the child is less than one year or 100 days if older. Adopting fathers are entitled to 7 days’ paternity leave.

About Spinny

Spinny is a full-stack car-buying platform for the young Indian, enabling a car buying experience that is simple and delightful. Though in the early stages, Spinny has been appreciated by its customers with an above 4.5 out of 5 ratings from Spinny car owners – and a 78% NPS and 35% referral purchases. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Spinny employs over 500 people across 6 cities India.

An IIT-Delhi alumnus, Niraj Singh (Founder & CEO) is a serial entrepreneur and investor. Spinny was born out of his desire to deal with a core area that directly addresses the customer’s challenge; in this case a car. He noticed the absence of a platform that offers a completely trustworthy and premium experience to people purchasing second-hand cars, even though they are spending a significant amount and the purchase being a very aspirational one for them. He was determined to solve this problem by eradicating the distrust and making the process simple and straightforward for the customer.

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