Friday, June 5, 2020

Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka Pledges 40,000 Sapling Plantation on World Environment Day

Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka, as part of its bio-investment agenda this year has chalked out a target to plant over 40,000 saplings to mark the celebration of World Environment Day. These plantations will be carried out inside the mining vicinity and as well as peripheral community areas. Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka has been consistently working towards creating a sustainable ecosystem and also, organising continuous activities for creating awareness among the employees, stakeholders, and community on the importance of a cleaner and greener environment. So far, under this project around 50,000 sapling plantation was carried out last year at demarcated areas such as rehabilitation of mine dumps and safety zones & at forest areas, mining sites, schools & roadsides in Chitradurga District. To mark the occasion, there will be a week-long observation and as a part of one of the initiative, 'Each one- Plant one' each employee will be provided with a sapling to plant at their respective residences.

On the occasion, Mr. Krishna Reddy, Director - Iron Ore Karnataka said, 'As a responsible corporate organization we operate on a sustainable and safe framework that protects our direct and indirect employees, peripheral communities & our surrounding environment. Our efforts over the years have subsequently ensured the revival of a healthy environment through our continuous development initiatives. We are sincerely committed to intensifying our efforts to create a more sustainable future for our future generations.'

Under the prevailing circumstances of the widespread pandemic, Vedanta is committed to ensure the safety of it's direct and indirect employees and stakeholders, by taking all the required mandatory precautions such as  social distancing to carry out the plantations in structured phases.  On the occasion, the employees of Vedanta Iron Ore Karnataka took the customary pledge with an intention to provide impetus to their efforts directed at a cleaner and greener environment. The week-long activities will be conducted keeping in tune with this year's theme “Time for nature.”

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