Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Keep Your Business and Devices Safe and Secure from Cyber Threats

* DIMA Warrior - Internet Security Solutions
* Launched for public as free during this lockdown period

“Hackers target remote workers”, “Hospitals warned of cyber-attacks” … these are some of the headlines that grab our attention in the leading dailies. The world is paying the heavy price due to the corona outbreak and subsequent lockdown. But let’s not allow the hackers to penetrate our computer network. It is better to meet a problem in time than to seek remedy after the damage is done. We need to have a powerful security system for connected devices.

It is a must to ensure our work tools are set up with the proper security. Our computer, phone and tablets should be up-to-date and protected against security threats.  We are very keen in concentrating the DNS level security which plays a key role in the cyber kill chain – 91% of malware use DNS services to build attacks. A global 2019 DNS Security survey conducted by IDC revealed that 82% of respondents said they had been targeted by a DNS attack in the last 12 months. Traditional security systems are not enough to mitigate this type of threat, as they could be easily avoided.

Dima Business Solutions, startup IT company, has developed a powerful security solution that works seamlessly across devices, which is named “DIMA Warrior”. True to its name, Dima Warrior fights and puts up a strong defense against a host of threats that include Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, Crypto mining, Command and Control, Domain Generation Algorithm, DNS Spoofing and DNS Rebinding.

DNS Firewall is embedded in Dima virtual machines. The product provides a purpose-built and complementary solution to traditional enterprise network security systems, to safeguard DNS-based malware and advanced persistent threats (APT). Its enhanced DNS query filtering capabilities, combined with dynamic threat intelligence feeds, allow for the quick identification of suspicious device activity, protecting malware infection and spread within a network, as well as phishing campaigns and data exfiltration attempts.

DIMA Warrior has been built to update its threat database very frequently. It’s an easy-to-use, easy to set up solution which enables you to start using our security solution with immediate effect. It is customizable and scalable with its simple architecture. With a minimum response time for faster internet access, it uses a lightweight database structure that gets updated every 60 minutes.

Free during lockdown

While the entire world is fighting against CORONA, we at DIMA decided to launch our security product free for the lockdown period. By this we help the organizations and government to concentrate on eradicating the CORONA, while we eradicate Cyber threats. Our product is very easy to use. Contact us to know more. We can help users to install our product from wherever they are .

Mr.Devaraj Palaniswamy, Mangaing Director, Dima Business Solutions said: “We have developed this Internet Security product which goes in line with our government policy “Be Indian, Buy Indian”. Yes! Our product is completely an India-engineered and indigenous. We are providing this product free during this lockdown period to show our gratitude for our country. With that said we are here to take care of the cyber threats and we request you all to stay safe and healthy and provide your uninterrupted service to your organizations and the country.

About Dima Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.,

Dima Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a product development company which focuses on Network and Information Security.

We help our clients plan, build and run the most efficient and highly secured network infrastructure. We provide clients with a remarkable team of security professionals that include subject matter experts in all areas of information security policy and practices.

We offer implementation services - from strategy to training, technology for monitoring, operations, defenses and controls and solutions for the most challenging security issues, including cloud security, enterprise security architecture, advanced threats, identity management and security intelligence.

About DIMA Warrior:

Dima Warrior is powered by Machine Learning technology with respect to threat intelligence and information categorization (Natural Language Processing). We have a dedicated intelligent threat vector to build security configurations for DIMA Warrior. DIMA Warrior is managed by intelligent WhatsApp Chatbot. We have developed this product with machine learning that would update its threat intelligence database every 60 minutes. DIMA Warrior can also strategically filter 74 internet information categories and 193 countries' IP databases. This becomes our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) as none of the DNS security products give a solution for preventing all the above.

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