Friday, January 31, 2020

Snapchat Presents a Unique Form of Personalised Entertainment with Bitmoji TV

Premiering Saturday morning, February 1st, Bitmoji TV is a brand-new, fully animated show starring Snapchatters and their friends on Snapchat. It’s a new form of personalized entertainment, where the experience is unique for each viewer.

Just like Bitmoji stories, Bitmoji TV casts the friend, that was snapped most recently as a Snapchatter’s co-star in an episode. To make it more fun and interesting, Snapchatters, Snap different friends to see episodes of Bitmoji TV with different co-stars. Each season is comprised of 10 episodes averaging three minutes in length. It is an engaging, fun and relatable bringing a personalised spin on regular television. New episodes air weekly on Saturday mornings on the Discover feed to Snapchatters globally. Comedy stars Andy Richter, Jon Lovitz, and Riki Landhome can be heard in episodes throughout the first season of Bitmoji TV.

Since their debut in November 2018, more than 100 million Snapchatters have watched and loved Bitmoji Stories. This has led to deeper level of personalized storytelling and a richer viewing experience that takes shape through Bitmoji TV. Snapchat has always been about real friends and real connections. A special bond forms when people repeatedly use their Bitmojis to represent and express themselves with people they care about most. This bond has allowed Snapchat to extend the avatar from identity, to a broader range of digital experiences like playing Snap Games, 3D Bitmoji AR Lens experiences and the much loved Bitmoji TV.

Available exclusively on Snapchat Discover, Bitmoji TV joins Snapchat’s robust and highly engaging Discover page that features over 450 premium content channels worldwide. Discover offers news and entertainment from trusted media brands and storytellers,

To get started, watch Bitmoji TV only on Snapchat’s Discover and also subscribe to Bitmoji TV and receive notifications for new episodes. 

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