Tuesday, August 20, 2019

NetRack Delivers Tech Seminar on Next Gen Data Center Solutions

NetRack, a leading solution provider for data centers and end-to-end IT server racks, presented its technical seminar on next generation data center solutions and discussed the industry evolution and the future requirements of data centers. The concept and solutions from NetRack was appreciated by the CXO's from ICT & DC and technical heads present at the event.

During the technical Seminar session, Mr Krishnaraj U, Solution Architect at NetRack, enlightened the crowd on the importance and future advantages of having silent, intelligent, modular, seismic and shockproof data centers. He also highlighted innovative techniques to address the challenges faced by organizations in upgrading/revamping their DC infrastructure.

Mr Krishnaraj U, Solution Architect at NetRack said, "Data center industry is evolving rapidly and clients have started demanding innovative DC solutions. Companies are looking for data center cabinets which help them to attain maximum efficiency at reduced cost. Understanding the industry requirements we at NetRack have developed solutions which are future-proof and compatible for modern DCs."

"We are glad to exhibit iRack - a complete intelligent rack equipped with intelligent PDU for power, surveillance & environmental management, KVM & console for server management, intelligent rack access for physical security. We have manufactured these racks not only to increase efficiency, but also ensure better airflow in the DC."

Keeping the healthy environment as a higher priority, NetRacks' R&D team has manufactured below products with below silent features for next generation data centers:
* Silent DCs - Isolating IT equipment noise
* Intelligent DCs - Adding intelligent devices and cooling technologies for better manage and monitor the DC
* Modular DCs - Completely scalable and easily expandable, yielding up to 95% efficiency
* Seismic & Shock Proof DCs - High quality and rigid racks with robust design for earthquake prone regions

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