Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Top 5 Global Companies Simplifying Group Communication for Enterprises

Businesses today have branched out to various geographical locations, employing a diverse and often, remotely located workforce. This very evolution of businesses warrants the organisations to have tools and services in place to enable unified communication. With UC solutions, companies are able to extend easier collaboration and communication between remotely located teams, saving time and unlocking business potential through systematic synergies.

Helping you in the pursuit for a reliable unified communication platform, here’s listing the top five companies to watch out for!

1.       Telebu: Audio conferencing with 10,000+ participants, and more

Building communication products for today’s ambitious and fast-growing enterprises, Telebu Communications is a leading provider of unified communication solutions. Its marque product, grptalk, an audio-conferencing solution, allows up to 10,000+ members to easily collaborate on a conference call. Unlike other mediums, the conference calls by grptalk are instantaneous (dial-outs), with participants only needing to answer the bridge calls, without any pin code or passwords. Utilising PSTN networks, grptalk offers easy connectivity, even in low network coverage areas. In addition to the audio conferencing solution, grptalk also offers bulk text and voice SMS solution, inbound and outbound call centre software, emergency alert system, and an API platform.

2.       Slack: Channelizing collaboration for enterprise success

A collaboration hub, Slack helps teams work together on a wide gamut of projects, right from daily tasks to budget discussions. It organises conversations for enterprises via channels, which can be set up for teams, projects or different locations of the office. Different members can join or leave the channels to their own accord, and conversation history can be easily searched to simplify information retrieval. Not only does slack allow team members to share text documents, audios and videos, it also keeps the data secured and protected.

3.       Zoho Cliq: Messaging & file-sharing in real-time

Real-time messaging is oftentimes crucial for decision making. Zoho Cliq allows files of varying formats to be shared instantly through a chat window. Through the same window, team members can also collaborate via audio or video calls. It also creates different channels for individual teams or projects, and the chat history is searchable for different files, documents, and texts.

4.       Avaya: For mission-critical & real-time communication

Avaya prides itself in being a global leader in digital communication software, services and devices. The solutions are available for all businesses of different sizes. The customisable solutions by Avaya are open and intelligent, bring the flexibility of the cloud to the fore, further enabling hybrid deployments. Furthermore, the planning, support, and management teams at Avaya help enterprises with efficient and optimised solutions.

5.       Samepage: Bringing offices together in a single app

An award-winning UC and collaboration platform, Samepage brings offices together in a single app. It serves various needs and makes collaboration hassle-free and simple by providing group texting, video and voice chat through mobile and desktop. The solutions by Samepage enable easy file sharing, co-authoring documents, task management, and sharing calendars. Offering a unified and singular place for employees, Samepage helps teams get more done without breaking into a sweat.

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