Thursday, April 25, 2019

Telebu is Bringing Enterprise Communication to Political Campaigning for Parties like BJP

Recently, Mr Sachin Kalyanshetti, BJP MLA, (Solapur Constituency) & Solapur District President BJP was facing some communication challenges with the party Cadre. He decided to use Telebu’s product grptalk, in the hopes of communicating with maximum people. Telebu’s grptalk app helped him address his party workers and volunteers for the Solapur Bike Rally. The campaign was initiated after National President's instructions to all BJP states offices. With grptalk, Mr Sachin was able to connect with 3200+ people on single conference call, and address everyone about the upcoming bike rally in Solapur. For the Solapur BJP office, this has been a big win in terms of bridging the communication gap between the MLA and people present at the booths.

With the soon approaching election season, political campaigning has seen its methods and reach change rapidly to accommodate the latest technologies. In this age of digitalization and advanced technologies, yesteryear’s methods of rallies and pamphlet distribution no longer strike the right chord with today’s voters. Understanding the changing preferences and behaviour patterns of their audience, political parties have been quick in adopting the latest technology, in their bid to best reach out to voters in India.

One of the enterprises at the epicentre of tech-enabled political campaigning is Telebu, with its suite of enterprise communication products. With its marquee product, grptalk, the Hyderabad-based company has been working with political parties to help them streamline communication and campaigning. grptalk is a unique audio-conferencing solution that enables 3 to 10,000+ participants on a single PSTN network call to enable high-quality ‘instant conferencing’ (dial-out calls), without any app download, PASSCODES etc.

Commenting on the latest development, Satya Kalyan Yerramsetti, CEO of Telebu, said, “We have been honored to work together with Mr Sachin Kalyanshetti from BJP and facilitate easy communication between him and the party members. Political campaigning has, for long, relied on traditional and offline mediums. However, with the advent of advanced, tech-enabled solutions, we believe it is about time for the sector to be disrupted with the right technology. Ahead of the general assembly elections, Telebu’s suite of enterprise communication products will help different political parties efficiently communicate with party workers, supporters and volunteers, in addition to reaching out to maximum voters. At Telebu, we have been facilitating this transition, helping Indian political parties leverage advanced communication tools and platforms, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.”

Recently, grptalk also received appreciation from the Principal Secretary to Telangana Government (CT & Excise) & IAS officer, Sri Somesh Kumar, who said that the app has made communication with team members easy. Ahead of the general assembly elections, communications technology is going to play a crucial role in enabling seamless communication between the political parties, its workers, volunteers, and prospect voters. Telebu has been working with different political parties to level the playing field by bringing communication technology in political campaigning.

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