Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Panduit Brings Experts to Tackle India’s Infrastructure Challenges at Solution City Conference 2018

Panduit, an industry leader in end-to-end electrical and network connectivity physical infrastructure solutions, concluded its Solution City Conference at The Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, India, on 20 November 2018. The conference offered in-depth insights into projects supporting the case for India’s infrastructure growth and served as an avenue for global experts to discuss efficient ways to tackle infrastructure challenges in the country.

On Tuesday, participants from across India and abroad gathered to discuss and learn from their peers on how to address the infrastructure challenges ailing India. Dr Andrew Staples, Global Editorial Director from The Economist Corporate Network opened the event, breaking down significant key infrastructure growth points in driving the economy, and the challenges that lie within. He noted that as of April 2018, India has 1,332 infrastructure projects underway, each worth at least US$22m and 343 of which are classified as mega-projects. A third of these mega-projects are behind schedule, further adding to costs.

In the panel discussion moderated by Dr Staples on investing in India, Harry Woo, Managing Director, Panduit Asia Pacific, shared how through the years Panduit India has managed to overcome the challenges in their local operations by leveraging the local distribution network, which has been proven to work in their favour.

“India is a land of endless opportunities and with Panduit as a foreign investor, we look towards our strong partner network to share the success. We are good at manufacturing products through our 60 years of innovation and research, to reduce costs and deliver on infrastructure needs. However, it is the expertise of our distribution network that helps us bring our products to market,” Woo said.

“We are encouraged by the conversations we are having with industry and that the work we do is aligned with their needs. Together, we can work toward solving India’s infrastructure challenges and realising a richer economy.”

Furthermore, industry leaders Cisco Systems (India), International Solar Alliance, Sterling & Wilson and Yes Bank participated in separate panel discussions covering digital transformation in transportation, meeting India’s renewable energy demand as well as sustainable investment for the solar industry.

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