Friday, November 17, 2017

ThinkTac’s Experiential Science Programmes Aims at Standard V-VIII Students Across India

ThinkTac, a social enterprise platform for children today announced the launch of Experiential Science Programmes aimed at students in the V-VIII standards of CBSE, ICSE and Karnataka State Board Schools today at the Maker Faire, Bangalore.
The ThinkTac annual programmes are aligned with the curriculum of a child, designed to cover up to 80% of all topics in the science curriculum. These programmes consist of a series of 20-60 Tactile Activities (TACtivities) for each standard, delivered over the academic year.

Each programme, is curated from a well-researched set of over 300 TACtivities that use a range of simple materials and resources to create, experiment, tinker and innovate and inculcate a better understanding of scientific phenomena and improve cognitive life skills.

While TACtivities (Tactile Activities) form the core of the programme, multiple modalities are employed for sustained learning outcomes. Engaging, topic-specific games are designed to create deeper engagement with topics. A Learning Management System (LMS) offers easy access to Videos and Guides covering the TACtivities as well as the theory behind them. Children have access to forums, enabling collaboration within the cohort and the ability to upload media of their work and seek feedback from educators. Regular Virtual Classrooms answer queries and provide guidance for further exploration.

Ravi Rangan, CEO, ThinkTac commented on the launch “Our mission is to empower every child to engage, enjoy and innovate with science as they learn. Though our Experimential Science Programmes we would like to make science fun and engaging to children, enhancing their creative thinking skills, thereby broader and life-long benefits, even outside the sciences. WE are excited about our venture and we look forward to building confidence and capability of children at each step.”

The programmes are available for individual learners and schools to suit every budget. Our starter programmes with Four TACtivities retail at Rs. 600 and the Explore Plus programmes, that include the intense exploration of one topic with 65 TACtivities retail at Rs. 8,500. With technology-enabled features, the programme can be availed from anywhere in India from the comfort of homes.

The platform also gives access for the parents to the guides available to each TACtivity and points out their role in the child’s learning process.

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