Monday, April 24, 2017

Honeywell Selects 17 Indian Students to Train Like An Astronaut At US Space & Rocket Center

Ansh Bhagania, from Pune, who attended HLCA said, “Launching model rockets and flying a fighter jet on a simulator was terrific. I never thought I could do that too. The more interesting part was to meet students of my age from different parts of the world. We are all great friends now. What could be better than this?”  

HLCA aims to encourage excitement and engagement around science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects for students between the ages of 16-18. Activities are delivered in fun and innovative ways to bring STEM studies to life.

“The act of bringing this global Honeywell community together with Space Camp allows these students to plan for a future of improving life on our planet and beyond,” said Dr. Deborah Barnhart, CEO and executive director, USSRC. “They bring the best of their diverse cultures to Space Camp, where they will use teamwork and technology to prepare them for a future they have yet to imagine.” 

Interactive and experiential sessions around rocket designing, building, and testing; participation in simulated astronaut training, shuttle missions and a moon walk, infuse vigor and expands students’ learning curve. They also meet scientists, engineers, and former astronauts, who reinforce core leadership competencies and share their first-hand professional experiences. The program is designed to educate students on the importance of STEM in an ever-changing connected world.

Naomi Varghese, a 17-year-old student from Bangalore, said, “Standing next to a rocket, the step-by-step demonstration of rocket-building, and moonwalking like an astronaut were life-changing. I almost felt like I was in space.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, Pranav Kaushik from Delhi, said, “Meeting students from around the world who share the same passion for rockets, jets, space shuttles, and the moonwalk was extremely exciting. We learnt a lot from the experiences of scientists and astronauts. What’s really great is that the program combines science and engineering with fun and friendship for life.”

Since its launch in 2010, Honeywell, in partnership with the USSRC, has awarded 2,090 such scholarships to students. Scholarships are granted after a rigorous application and review process based on academic achievement and community involvement. Financial contributions from Honeywell and its employees fund the scholarships, which cover the cost of tuition, meals, accommodation, and program materials.

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