Wednesday, May 8, 2024

MediSim VR Hosts Future Warriors Program: Educating Young Entrepreneurs In One-Day Immersive Program

MediSim VR, a leading virtual reality and simulation-based immersive healthcare training provider, hosted a one-day programme called Future Warriors on May 07, 2024. This unique initiative invited ten high school students from Hosur to gain first-hand experience about the daily operations of a cutting-edge medical technology company. The Future Warriors programme equips high school students with the fundamental tools they need to become innovative, creative, and successful startup entrepreneurs, setting it apart from other educational programs. 

The Future Warriors program was not just about learning the ropes of a startup. It was a platform that encouraged students to engage in idea-sharing, collaboration, and personal growth. Through interactions with mentors and business professionals, including our Senior Developer, Mr. Mohudoom Naina, and Business Development Head, Ms.Riddhi Baid, students gained a better understanding of the startup ecosystem and discovered new career paths, fostering their personal and professional development. 

Our Senior Developer explained how our VR technology revolutionizes healthcare in technical terms, while our Business Development Head discussed diverse career paths within departments like marketing, product development, finance, and operations. These interactions provided valuable insights into how these divisions collaborate creatively and productively to foster startup expansion and innovation.

Sabarish Chandrasekaran, CEO and Co-Founder of MediSim VR, said, "Through our Future Warriors program, we aim to ignite the spark of innovation in every young mind. This initiative aims to encourage students to see the world in new ways, identify issues, and come up with solutions rather than just imparting knowledge. We want to demonstrate their ability to influence the future, take advantage of emerging entrepreneurial trends, and effect constructive change."

Abhinav Sundar, a Class XII student, was profoundly impacted by the one-day Future Warriors program. He shared, "After attending the one-day program, I'm amazed at how VR technology is a game-changer in healthcare training. Learning about new tech terms was exciting! My perception of startups has completely changed. I now understand how small teams work together in every department. This program has instilled in me the confidence to share my ideas and pursue my dream of starting a successful venture.'

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