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Vision Of Information Technology Leaders' On National Technology Day

From the country that fed the world computing and managerial talents to becoming a self-contained fountainhead of digital transformation, Sify mirrors India in the second part of this evolution cycle. Having started life as evangelist and enabler of bringing Indians online, Sify has metamorphosed into a partner role. With its bedrock network and data center strengths and highly customizable digital portfolio, "Sify offers a single pane of convergence for the prospective CXO to pick and evaluate appropriately and cost effectively. All through these decades of growth, Sify generously benefitted from the quantum leaps that technology transitioned in the country while strengthening its own ranks with the best of talents from multiple domains," says Praveen Krishna, Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at Sify Technologies.

As a country, we stand poised on becoming the fastest growing digital economy in the world. Looking back, Sify is proud to have kickstarted that evolution in our own way.

* Spokesperson: Narasimha Kamath, Executive Vice President, R&D, o9 Solutions

"Innovation lies at the heart of progress, driving companies forward and shaping the future of industries. At o9, an AI-powered planning and decision-making software company, staying at the forefront of innovation is not just a choice for us but a necessity to continuously deliver value to our customers. New Technology Day reminds us of innovation's pivotal role in our society, particularly for the youth.

Many initiatives, like our annual hackathon, stand as a testament to the power of innovation. It's a platform where bright minds converge, fueled by creativity and technology, to solve real-world challenges. Through this event, we witness the transformative potential of technology in the hands of young innovators. Seeing how their fresh perspectives and inventive solutions push the boundaries of what's possible is inspiring. Another example to showcase innovation is events like o9's Involve event, where academics, leaders of businesses, and practitioners come together to discuss the latest trends to drive future innovation and create sustainable impacts on the world. Events like that are essential to inspire and assimilate knowledge to apply in your day-to-day professional lives and meaningfully contribute to the advancement of technology. 

* Spokesperson: Raj Radhakrishan, CEO of Ciklum

The continued advancement of technology and the ongoing acceleration of innovation has propelled us firmly into the age of Experience Engineering: a time where the convergence of product engineering, customer experience, and artificial intelligence is transforming the way people work and live, like never before.

At Ciklum, we believe technology isn't simply a tool—it's a driving force revolutionizing business models, reshaping industries, and unlocking endless opportunities for innovation and growth. Technology enables us to optimize our business workflows, to enhance our employee experiences, to create greater efficiencies in our production, to unlock untapped creativity, and so much more.

In the Experience Engineering era, the winningest businesses will be the most people-centric ones.  Businesses that discover how to harness technology and proactively channel it to create more delightful environments for people to work, live and achieve.

As leaders in this industry, we share a responsibility for creating a culture that fosters our employees to dream big and think bigger.  To be the drivers of technology’s future.  To engineer experiences that extend human capability and capacity like never before.

To conceive innovative ideas that no one saw coming, but later wonder how they ever lived without.”

* Spokesperson: AJ Sunder, CIO & CPO, Responsive

“Innovation today is not just progressing; it's accelerating at an unprecedented pace, driven largely by young, agile minds in dynamic startups. These individuals are not just participants but are at the forefront, challenging entrenched industry norms and large organizations. With technology evolving daily and access to information more accessible than ever, coupled with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, the new generation holds a remarkable power to advance society. Aspiring entrepreneurs have the opportunity to harness the raw potential of new ideas to transform industries and drive progress in ways we've only imagined. It's a pivotal time, where small teams with big ideas can truly change the course of history.”

* Spokesperson: Priyank Kapadia, Product and Technology Partner at Bounteous x Accolite.

“As we celebrate National Technology Day, we're right on the edge of a new frontier in tech. Think groundbreaking developments in AI, Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile tech that are setting the stage for tomorrow. It's more important than ever to spark a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship in our young folks. Getting them involved early with our ever-evolving tech scene helps them tap into its vast potential and come up with solid, innovative business ideas.

Across the board, educational institutions are linking arms with the tech industry through guest lectures and interactive tech sessions. We at Bounteous x Accolite, are scaling it bigger. Our Campus Connect initiative and collaborations with universities aren't just about exposure, they're about immersion. We're giving up-and-coming talent real-world problems to solve in our co-innovation labs, and believe me, they are just getting warmed up.

Think about it, today's kids have the advantage of being connected online through blazing-fast internet. With high exposure and potential, they just await the nudge to convert this into innovative tech supported solutions which have a high societal impact. That’s our cue to step in. We're here to throw open the doors to a playground of high-tech tools, use-cases from data science to the latest in AI. By challenging them with real-world problems and linking them up with industry pros who have been in the trenches, we're not just encouraging them to think differently, but also work collaboratively just as a start-up would, to ignite bold, unconventional thinking - daring them to develop solutions that reshape our world.

So, this National Technology Day, let's all lean in. Let's equip the next wave of innovators with the tech they need and let them run wild with it. The sooner they engage, the swifter their impact through innovative entrepreneurship that uplifts industries and communities. Together, we are not just watching the future happen, we're shaping it, and trust me, it's going to be mind-blowing.”

* Spokesperson: Chaitanya Chokkareddy, co-founder and chief technology officer at Ozonetel Communications

Empowering Young Minds: Ozonetel's Commitment to AI for Everyone Through Storytelling this National Technology Day

“National Technology Day celebrates the transformative power of technology. This year's theme, "From Schools to Startups," perfectly captures its role in igniting innovation within young minds. Integrating AI into education can empower students to transcend passive learning, fostering proactive problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

We at Ozonetel believe in 'AI for Everyone' through Storytelling. Ozonetel’s recent partnership with Swecha (NGO) engaged 10,000 students in digitizing Telugu folk tales, resulting in the first-ever Telugu language storytelling application. This project not only preserved cultural heritage but also provided students with valuable hands-on AI development experience. Building on this success, our "Summer of AI" internship program empowers 100,000 students to collaborate on building a comprehensive Telugu Language Model (LLM). This program fosters exploration of AI and development of Text-to-Speech models.

Engaging students in real-world projects equips them with the skills to become future-ready entrepreneurs and tech leaders who will contribute significantly to the AI-driven workforce. By embracing AI on National Technology Day, we empower young minds to become passionate innovators, shaping the future of technology itself.”

* Spokesperson: Srividhya Deshpande, Global Talent Lead, Egen

At Egen, fostering innovation among the next generation of tech leaders is at the core of our mission. A recent NASSCOM report estimates that, of the 3 million joining the IT workforce, only 25% of graduates with engineering background are employable. Therefore it becomes critical to address the gap between skills needed for high-quality technology jobs and work readiness of graduates. 

Our commitment to Igniting Young Minds to Innovate extends far beyond our own team. This is also exemplified through our recent endeavors. Collaborating with the Society for Cyberabad Security Council (SCSC), we have embarked on a journey to mentor 127 bright young minds from grades 9 to Intermediate 1st year. As panel members and mentors, we are guiding these students toward a future rich with technological innovation.

Furthermore, on International Women's Day, we partnered with the United Way of Hyderabad to empower women in technology at Telangana Mahila Viswavidyalayam. Engaging with 100 female students, our volunteers shared insights into technology projects, career pathways, and resume enhancement strategies, thereby paving the way for gender inclusivity in the tech industry.

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