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Toyota Hilux Brings More Excitement To 2nd Round of Dirt Bike Race Held In Ahmedabad

Last year June, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) proudly announced its collaboration with Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL), with its iconic Hilux being the official vehicle partner. This ISRL marks the world's first franchise-based supercross racing league in India. This year, the league has organized a three-round season that kicked-off with its first dirt bike racing that concluded in Pune during Jan 2024. Following this, the second leg of the ISRL season was held at Trans Stadia in Ahmedabad on Feb 11th, 2024. The partnership between TKM and ISRL continues to create unforgettable experiences, captivating audiences and setting new standards for motorsports and automobile enthusiasts in the country.

Globally, Toyota has a strong history in motorsports, dates back more than 60 years, associating and competing in various prominent motorsport events such as the World Rally Championship, Dakar Rally, World Endurance Championship and so forth. Toyota's motorsport divisions namely Toyota Racing Development (TRD) and Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) have a legacy in racing that has led to expanded knowledge and the development of ever-better cars over the years. Toyota strongly believes that ‘everyone has a racer inside and being part of the team means playing a role in building something greater and making history together’.

The Hilux, aimed at elevating the excitement of the ISRL spectators, delivered breathtaking off-roading performances on intricately designed rough tracks with various obstacles, including articulation, side-inclines, steep hill ascents and descents. The Hilux, celebrated for its outstanding off-roading prowess, was prominently displayed at three strategic locations across the event areas. The official ceremony, leading to the start of the race, featured Toyota Hilux, loaded with dirt bikes making a grand entrance, and showcasing its unique strengths on the supercross tracks, bringing immense joy to the stadium's onlookers.

The high-energy, off-road, in-stadium supercross league unfolded on a specially constructed dirt track, featuring steep jumps and obstacles, with renowned riders from both the Indian and global arenas. Adding an extra layer of excitement to the racing spectacle, the Toyota Hilux, an ideal vehicle partner boasting 4x4 drive capabilities, delivered an eye-catching performance for the audience with its curated acts. Furthermore, the iconic Hilux also catered to the essential needs of the ISRL teams, and the officials required for conducting the exhilarating dirt bike race. ISRL’s second league was graced by the presence of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri. Bhupendra Patel Ji, along with Mr. Veer Patel, Mr. Eeshan Lokhande, and Mr. Aashwin Lokhande, Co-founders and Directors of the CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League.

The Indian Supercross Racing League (ISRL) featured six teams, each comprising 8 riders. Professional bikers showcased their skills by navigating challenging off-road setups, completing 11 laps, and showcasing a high-end race of international calibre. The event showcased a diverse range of customized bikes from renowned international brands like Kawasaki, Honda, and KTM, spanning from 85cc to 450cc, including a junior’s category. The racing teams were represented by well-known team owners, which includes BB Racing, BigRock Motorsports, Reise Motorsports, Mohite’s Racing Team, Gujarat TrailBlazers, and SG Speed Racers. The race attracted a crowd of 10,000+ spectators, consisting of avid off-roading enthusiasts and passionate fans from both bike racing and car communities, including Hilux customers.

Speaking on TKM’s partnership with ISRL, Mr. Sabari Manohar, Vice President - Sales-Service-Used Car Business of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, said, “Indian Supercross Racing League embodies excellence in dirt bike sport, and we are thrilled to collaborate with them as the official vehicle partner, engaging iconic Toyota Hilux. Toyota’s commitment to motorsports in India finds a new expression, through this engagement with ISRL. For dirt bike racing, the Hilux remains the ideal choice with its extraordinary off-roading strengths on the dirt tracks, which is key to cater to ISRL’s specific requirements, leading to the successful supercross league.

Post the exciting first season of ISRL which concluded last month, the Hilux yet again emerged as the perfect companion, facilitating the setup of challenging tracks for the second round of the supercross that was held in Ahmedabad. Strongly supported by Hilux’s exceptional offerings, the ISRL’s delivered an extraordinary dirt bike race bringing a lot of fun to the enthusiastic spectators.

The Hilux continues to deliver versatility to our valued customers, seeking an exceptional lifestyle utility vehicle be it for their personal use and or business purposes”, he added.

Sharing his views about the official vehicle partnership with Toyota, Mr. Veer Patel, Director & Co-Founder – Indian Supercross Racing League, said, “It has been an exciting journey for us associating with Toyota Kirloskar Motor as our official vehicle partner - Hilux, for the Indian Supercross Racing League. Toyota Hilux is a perfect fit for our dirt bike racing event. Throughout these two leagues held thus far, the smooth movement of our dirt bikes to the race arena, facilitated by Hilux and its amazing 4X4 demonstrations have contributed to delivering a seamless, high-energy racing spectacle, further creating a good momentum amongst the passionate dirt bike fans. With Toyota's support, we are extremely thrilled to bring a world-class experience to our enthusiastic audience and skilled racers. We are elated with the exhilarating culmination of our second dirt bike race of the three-round season, captivating the hearts of the viewers.

The ISRL will further hold a final round this month which is being planned at Delhi. The official vehicle partner of ISRL, the Toyota Hilux, equipped with unparalleled 4x4 driving capabilities, emerges to bolster the Supercross League. Through this meaningful collaboration, we will continue to entertain the growing motorsports fans across India”.

Last year, TKM rolled-out its uniquely structured off-roading experiential drive with the introduction of the 'Great 4X4 Expedition by Toyota' in India. This initiative served as a platform for 4X4 fans to fully explore the capabilities of their 4x4 SUVs. A series of distinct zonal 4X4 drives were conducted across South, East, West and North regions of India, offering unforgettable experiences for the vibrant 4X4 community, which included other SUV brand owners alongside Toyota customers. Further, this year, Toyota is planning to host yet another exciting ‘Great 4X4 Expedition’ in the northeastern region. Needless to mention, to foster strong connection with sports enthusiasts, TKM’s collaboration with the supercross league stands as an integral part of the company’s expanding motorsport initiatives in the country.

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