Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Rapido's SaaS Innovation Strengthening Earnings, Auto Captains To Take Payments Directly From Customers

Rapido, India's leading commute app renowned for its multimodal services, including bike-taxis, autos, and cabs, has launched its innovative SaaS model for Auto Captains. With this strategic move, Rapido shifts from aggregator commission-led model to introduce a lifetime Zero Commission for auto captains, reducing the burden of exorbitant commission rates and empowering them to take control of their earnings. Under this model, Rapido plays no role in deciding the price point, making the service transparent and inclusive for all stakeholders.  

Expressing his excitement about this latest milestone, Mr Pavan Guntupalli, co-founder of Rapido, said, “We are incredibly excited to integrate the SaaS model to Rapido Autos. We have seen tremendous success in every city where Rapido Autos is operational.  Nation-wide, we have enabled auto captains to earn over ?2700 crores since inception and strive to put maximum earnings to those who provide us with the commute. Our cutting-edge SaaS platform transforms the traditional commission system for auto captains. It is a groundbreaking approach which guarantees that captains bear only a nominal access fee, rather than a commission per ride. This marks a noteworthy change in the industry bringing in a more enabling revenue model for our captains.”

Cab captains have been using the SaaS model-based discovery platform which will now be accessible to the Auto captains as well. Auto Captains will experience a more efficient and reliable digital experience. The SaaS model operates on a nominal access fee, which empowers Auto Captains to maximize their earnings and take home a fair share of their hard work at the end of each day.  By directly receiving payments from customers, captains break free from commission constraints, maximizing their lifetime earnings. This fosters an inclusive platform benefiting both captains and customers alike. 

Customers also enjoy competitive fares in the Auto segment, thanks to the comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) platform consolidating various commuting solutions into a single, user-friendly app. By eliminating lifetime commission burdens, Rapido continues its commitment to prioritizing captain welfare and customer satisfaction.

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