Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Louis Philippe Launches The Exquisite “Royal Indian Wedding” Collection

* A premium ensemble designed for special occasions.

Louis Philippe, India’s leading premium menswear brand from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd., is delighted to unveil its latest offering, the “Royal Indian Wedding” collection, a celebration of magnificence and luxury. This exclusive range is beautifully designed to elevate every groom to regal heights on his special day, epitomising timeless elegance and contemporary flair.

The ‘Royal Indian Wedding’ collection by Louis Philippe caters to every significant moment of the wedding journey, from pre-wedding photoshoots to grand reception ceremonies. Featuring impeccable three-piece suits, mesmerising bundis, refined bandhgalas, and glam tuxedos, each ensemble is curated in rich black tones with specially stylised lapels, complemented by satin shirts boasting concealed packets and embellished collars. Crafted from the finest materials, the collection showcases a diverse colour palette, including opulent jewel tones like blue, maroon, wine, and teal, as well as subtle hues such as cream and quartz pink, lending a majestic charm to any occasion.

Farida Kaliyadan, COO, Louis Philippe, stated, “As we embrace the joyous wedding season, we are thrilled to introduce our ‘Royal Indian Wedding’ collection, designed to make grooms feel truly regal on their special day. Each piece is meticulously crafted to ensure the wearer exudes royal elegance. With this collection, Louis Philippe reaffirms its position as the brand of choice for wedding attire, offering unparalleled quality and design.”

What distinguishes Louis Philippe’s 'Royal Indian Wedding' collection is the use of super-premium fabrics, ranging from sumptuous silk blends and luxurious velvets to exquisite woollen textiles. The meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the delicate details, including jacquards, intricately hand-embroidered with shimmering accents, the artistry of 'zari' work, and delicately interwoven pearls. Every ensemble radiates matchless elegance and grace, establishing Louis Philippe as the premier choice for wedding attire.

Louis Philippe’s ‘Royal Indian Wedding’ collection is now available in 29 Louis Philippe flagship stores in Bangalore, authorised retailers, online at www.louisphilippe.com, and the brand’s mobile app.

Make your wedding day truly memorable with Louis Philippe’s Royal Indian Wedding collection!

About Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is a leader in the premium menswear segment in India. It is a brand that is in constant pursuit of providing consumers with premium, high-quality merchandise ranging from apparel to footwear and accessories. The brand that is synonymous with the Upper Crest is the epitome of elegance because of the fine fabrics and craftsmanship it brings to its customers. Over the years, Louis Philippe has introduced several new innovations such as the Permapress line of wrinkle free shirts, the Gods and Kings line crafted from the world’s finest cotton fabrics, the Perfect Shirt that redefines formal shirts, etc. Louis Philippe is now looking forward to delighting customers in Nepal with its offering of premium, high-quality apparel.

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