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Blackberrys Felicitates Indian Winners Of The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Para Games At Its store In Bengaluru

Blackberrys celebrated the success of the winners who brought home 111 medals in all - 29 gold, 31 silver and 51 at their store at Indra Nagar in Bangalore; the brand dressed the Indian contingent in China as the ‘Official Ceremonial Partner’ in partnership with PCI

Blackberrys, the aspirational Indian menswear brand that caters to the fashion needs of the global Indian, celebrated India’s unprecedented win of 111 medals at the recently concluded 4th Asian Para Games 2022 held in Hangzhou, during 22-28th October 2023.

Embracing the inspirational ethos of 'Keep Rising,' Blackberrys takes immense pride in its partnership with the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) as the 'Official Ceremonial Partner' for the 4th Asian Para Games.

Mr. Satyanarayan, the esteemed India’s Para- athletics coach, marked his honorable presence at the felicitation event for the Paralympic winners hosted by Blackberrys. Mr. Satyanarayan is a driving force behind the growth of para-sports in the country.

Blackberrys joined hands with the Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) to become the ‘Official Ceremonial Partner’ and dressed the Indian contingent participating at the mega event. As Blackberrys essence mirrors the unwavering spirit of para-athletes who consistently shatter boundaries and overcome the odds. Crafting the ceremonial suit for the Indian contingent was a moment of profound aspiration. Taking forward this association, the brand felicitated all the winners that collectively won 111 medals for the nation- 29 gold, 31 silver and 51 bronze.

“We are so proud of these winners who’ve beaten all odds to emerge victorious and bring glory for the nation on an international stage. They’ve commanded the respect and admiration of people across the world for their sheer hard work, determination and unwavering spirit to succeed against all odds. We applaud their achievements with these humble tokens of our appreciation. We are fervently committed to celebrating the extraordinary journey of these athletes, who epitomize the triumph of determination and resilience.  It has been an absolute honor for Blackberrys to be associated with them on this journey,” said Mr. Nitin Mohan, Co-Founder & Director, Blackberrys.

The iconic Indian clothing brand is known for the impeccable quality of its innovative, stylish and sharp fitting range of menswear.

About Rakshitha Raju:

Rakshitha Raju, a visually impaired runner from Karnataka, emerged as a trailblazer in para athletics. Formerly a student at the Ashakiran Blind School in Chikkamagaluru, she transitioned her focus to Paralympics in 2017. Under the guidance and mentorship of Balakrishna, who later became her coach, Rakshitha clinched gold medal in the 1500m category at the Guangzhou Asian Games. Qualifying for the Para Athletics World Championships, she continues to inspire many, encouraging young individuals to pursue sports and represent the nation on international platforms.

About Manisha Ramadass:

Manisha Ramadass is a rising star in the world of para-badminton who has swiftly risen to prominence on the international stage. Born with a passion for the sport, she made her mark with a spectacular international debut in 2022, quickly establishing herself as a formidable force in para-badminton. In August 2022, Manisha achieved a remarkable milestone by attaining the coveted title of world number 1 in the SU5 category, showcasing her exceptional skill and dedication to the sport. Her journey has been marked by a series of accomplishments, including a noteworthy bronze medal at the Asian Para-Badminton Championships in 2023. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and a testament to the limitless potential that exists within the para-sports community.

About Sharath Makanahalli Shankarappa:

Sharath Makanahalli, born blind, defied the odds to become a remarkable athlete and an inspiration to many. Hailing from Chikmagalur, Karnataka, Sharath's journey began at a blind school, where he discovered his passion for sports. Despite the challenges posed by his visual impairment, Sharath's indomitable spirit led him to pursue his dreams relentlessly.

In 2019, he achieved a significant milestone by clinching the gold medal at the Junior World Championship held in Switzerland. Sharath's dedication and perseverance continued to shine when he secured a silver medal at the Para Asian Games in 2023. Motivated by observing a senior athlete in action, Sharath decided to embark on his own athletic journey.

Sharath Makanahalli's story serves as an inspiring example of how passion, commitment, and a strong will can transform obstacles into stepping stones towards achieving greatness.

About Blackberrys:

Established in 1991, Blackberrys, India’s leading menswear brand, has over 330+ exclusive stores and over 1,250 retail touch points across the country. With a commitment towards impeccable craftsmanship and timeless designs, Blackberrys caters to men of substance and celebrates their individuality. Blackberrys continuously anticipates the fashion of the future and innovates through design and details. That's why they craft products that cloak you in confidence and inspire you to keep rising.

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