Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Scaler School of Technology Launches “Indian Silicon Valley Challenge” to Uncover India's Top Teen Techies

*  The winner of the Challenge will receive a paid trip to Silicon Valley, California, USA, the heart of the global tech industry

* They will also have the opportunity to visit the campuses of Apple and Google and gain insights from some of the world's most successful tech entrepreneurs and innovators

Scaler School of Technology, a fully residential undergraduate program in Computer Science by Scaler, today announced the launch of the “Indian Silicon Valley Challenge”, a nationwide competition designed to identify and nurture India's brightest young minds. The challenge is open to students in Grades XI and XII who are passionate about technology and problem-solving. The competition will be hosted by the founders of Scaler alongside industry CXOs from the startup space who will also serve as the jury.

The challenge is centred on recognising students with the ability to adeptly leverage technology to tackle real-world issues in areas like education, healthcare, agriculture, environment, and community development. Participants will be judged on their problem-solving skills, creativity, and the potential impact of their proposed solutions.

This opportunity offers students a chance to connect with the minds behind some of India's successful tech companies and gain insights from their experiences. By presenting their ideas directly to industry leaders, participants have the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and potentially access resources and support that can assist them in bringing their ideas to fruition

“We believe that India has a wealth of untapped talent in the field of technology,” said Bhavik Rathod, Head of Scaler School of Technology. “The Indian Silicon Valley Challenge is our gateway towards empowering young innovators and providing them with a platform to showcase their ideas and solutions to the world. We are looking for students who are not only passionate about tech but also have a deep understanding of the social and environmental challenges facing India. We want to find students who can use technology to create a positive impact on the lives of others,” said Rathod.

The winner of the Indian Silicon Valley Challenge will be awarded a trip to Silicon Valley, California. During the visit, they will have the opportunity to explore the campuses of Apple and Google, gaining insights from some of the world's most accomplished tech entrepreneurs and innovators. The school represented by the winner will also be recognised as a leading institution in the field of innovation and technology. Moreover, the top three winning schools will be presented with trophies and receive personalised letters signed by prominent entrepreneurs as a gesture of acknowledgement.

In addition to this, all participants will receive access to a CS & Machine Learning Essentials course for beginners, delivered by ex-Google instructors from Scaler, along with a range of other awards and recognition opportunities.

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