Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Amrutanjan Comfy Rolls Out Menstrual Hygiene Awareness Initiative Across More Towns

~ The brand will reach out to 2.5 lakh girl students in 360 towns in the next phase of its Project Disha initiative.

~ In its earlier phases, Project Disha has already impacted 4.5 lakh girls residing in towns with populations of less than 10,000 people.

The company, which has already raised awareness among 4.5 lakh young girls across 1,450 towns in India about menstrual hygiene, is now rolling out the initiative in 360 towns across Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh to reach out to another 2.5 lakh girl students across four states in India to raise awareness as part of the next phase of its Project Disha initiative. Comfy Snug Fit, a fast-growing menstrual hygiene brand from the house of Amrutanjan Health Care.

At the end of the third phase, Project Disha would have directly impacted 7 lakh girls in over 1,800 towns across India. As part of the drive, the company also distributed their Sanitary Pads – Comfy, which offers 80% better absorption than cloth and are priced reasonably. Now in its third year, Project Disha has been implemented in 10 states, covering 900 towns, 400 schools, and 100 Anganwadi centers. The project extends its reach to homes and high-footfall areas.

Project Disha is part of Amrutanjan Comfy’s commitment to increase awareness about menstrual hygiene and educate women about the benefits of using sanitary pads over cloth usage. The company recognises the pivotal role that proper hygiene plays in women's health and well-being, and it wants to empower them by dismantling the barriers that hinder their access to essential menstrual hygiene products.

Mr. S. Sambhu Prasad, Chairman & Managing Director, Amrutanjan Health Care Limited, said, “Elevating women's hygiene transcends societal duty; it stands as a fundamental necessity. Fostering a robust and healthier society hinges on guaranteeing that the women in our communities not only have access to top-tier and affordable hygiene products but also receive comprehensive education on the subject. We acknowledge that the prosperity of our nation is intricately linked to the well-being of its women. Thus, our unwavering commitment is geared towards actively contributing to the realization of this imperative goal."

Menstrual health awareness and education remain limited in many parts of India, with 50% of women aged between 15-24 years still using cloth for menstrual hygiene due to affordability and accessibility challenges. Raising awareness about women's hygiene in rural areas is of paramount importance, as it directly impacts multiple facets of life. Access to hygiene resources and knowledge not only safeguards their health but also empowers them, enhancing their self-esteem and dignity. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in education, as girls with the knowledge and resources for good hygiene are more likely to attend school regularly with fewer hygiene-related interruptions. In addition to the personal and educational benefits, improved women's hygiene can have economic implications, such as reduced healthcare expenses and enabling them to actively participate in income-generating activities.

Amrutanjan Healthcare has also worked with the Samvedana Development Society to create menstrual hygiene awareness and promote sanitary pad usage in Uttar Pradesh's Hardoi district during FY22. Through education, access to high-quality products, and awareness-building, Amrutanjan hopes to transform communities, empower women, and create a healthy future for all women.

About Amrutanjan Healthcare Limited:

Amrutanjan Healthcare Limited is a 130-year-old company with a rich legacy and is best known for its iconic brand, Amrutanjan Pain Balms. A purpose-driven and innovative company, Amrutanjan Healthcare offers a versatile product portfolio. Its flagship brand, Amrutanjan, is a pain management expert that provides high-quality solutions using pure and natural ingredients. Recently recognised as the Best Healthcare Brand by The Economic Times, Amrutanjan’s expertise lies in combining science and naturalness, rooted in Ayurveda. Amrutanjan Healthcare believes in ethical business practices and strictly stands against the use of chemicals such as diclofenac, which have harmful side effects and damage the environment as a whole. Apart from pain management products, Amrutanjan Healthcare offers products in other categories, including women’s hygiene brand Comfy Snug Fit, beverage brands Electro+ and Fruitnik, and in cold and congestion category through the Amrutanjan Relief range. As a company that is employee-centric, it endeavours to provide a culture that accepts new ideas, embraces change, and encourages innovation. The company’s commitment to supporting inclusive growth is uncompromising, which is proven through the social services it has undertaken for generations by the company. The company is actively engaged in the fields of education for the underprivileged sector, preventive health, environment protection, animal welfare, and women empowerment.

For more information about Amrutanjan Healthcare and its products, please visit the 'World of Amrutanjan' e-commerce website at www.worldofamrutanjan.com.

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