Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Karkinos Healthcare Spotlights Genomic Profiling Challenges And Cancer Treatment Strategies At The Third Indian Cancer Congress

~Highlights Karkinos Healthcare's dedication to leveraging technology and AI for enhancing the affordability of cancer treatment, showcased at the Indian Cancer Congress 2023

Karkinos Healthcare, a purpose-driven technology-led oncology platform, demonstrated unwavering dedication to advancing cancer research and treatment during its prominent presence at the Third Indian Cancer Congress, held from November 2nd to November 5th, 2023. The consortium provided a platform for industry leaders from across the globe to address critical issues in cancer care, with a primary focus on genomic profiling challenges and groundbreaking treatment strategies.

A highlight of Karkinos Healthcare's participation was a thought-provoking panel discussion featuring Dr. Prashant Ariyannur, Head of the Genomics Laboratory. Dr. Ariyannur addressed pivotal questions regarding the practical challenges and potential pitfalls associated with genomic profiling and interpretation. The discussion engaged major industry players and underscored the significance of effective data analysis and reporting in the field of genomics.

Dr Prashant Kumar, Chief Scientific Officer of Karkinos Healthcare, who chaired the session ‘Basics of Genomic Profiling - “the unseen part of iceberg” at the Third Indian Cancer Congress, expressed, "India's genomic excellence is catalyzing a formidable force in cancer research and artificial intelligence, substantiated by a confluence of governmental endeavors and research institutions. Aligned with our collective vision, Karkinos Healthcare is strategically positioned to democratize cost-effective and readily accessible genomic diagnostics, empowering researchers and faculty across multiple universities to spearhead groundbreaking discoveries and propel India to a pivotal role in shaping the global landscape of cancer research and treatment advancements."

Dr. Prasanth Ariyannur, Head of the Genomics Laboratory, emphasized the critical juncture in managing the vast array of gene variants, ranging from 1000 to 35,000 in different panels. He highlighted the imperative role of bio-curation in narrowing down these variants to the most relevant, emphasizing the meticulous process of variant filtration and prioritization, variant assertion, and clinical assertion. This process converges at crucial steps to distil the information down to one or two pertinent variants for the final report.

Dr Jyotirup Goswami, Consultant Clinical Oncologist and Head of Medical Services at Karkinos Healthcare, Kolkata, reiterated the institution's focus on the compelling use of chemoradiation, with a specific emphasis on Dose escalation in HPV-VE OPSCC. This marks a pivotal stride in advancing patient care, showcasing substantial advancements and reinforcing the commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in cancer treatment.

The medical professionals at Karkinos Healthcare actively contributed to extensive conversations, sharing insights and knowledge surrounding prominent issues, including laboratory testing practices and the identification of germline mutations within tumour specimens. Their participation underscored Karkinos Healthcare's commitment to staying at the forefront of cancer research and treatment innovation.

Karkinos Healthcare remains dedicated to pioneering advancements in cancer care, contributing to the ongoing dialogue in the field, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

About Karkinos Healthcare: Karkinos Healthcare is a purpose driven technology-led oncology health care platform for early detection and diagnosis of common cancers. The organisation espouses use of a distributed cancer care network, while working with network of healthcare institutions and domain experts within the ecosystem, with an aim to provide comprehensive cancer care closer to individuals’ homes.

Tata Group, Reliance Industries, Mayo Clinic, and Rakuten Medical Inc. are among the world's leading organizations that have invested in Karkinos Healthcare. The company has also partnered with Tata Memorial Hospital, Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (UK), and has inked several research collaborations with leading academic institutions in the United States to stay on the cutting edge of oncology treatment and care.

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