Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Bengaluru’s Squadrone Infra And Mining Pvt Ltd Joins Silkyara Tunnel Rescue Mission

* To Deploy Advanced Drones for Area Mapping To Aid The Rescue Efforts

Bangalore based startup, Squadrone Infra and Mining Pvt Ltd specialists in aerial intelligence for mineral exploration, Mining, tunnelling, and infrastructure, has joined the rescue operations at Uttarkashi tunnel site. The company is set to deploy two advanced drones, operated by a team of six skilled Mining Engineers, drone pilots and Geotechnical experts  , capable of maneuvering drones within tunnels to map the area and assess the probabilities for safe rescue tunneling to aid in the efforts to rescue 41 laborers currently trapped since November 12th, 2023. Squadrone will employ its drone based geophysical and Emesent hovermap technology for underground applications and mapping remote and inaccessible areas. The emergency request to join the rescue operation came from Brig. Vishal Varma, DDG, Border Roads Organization who is spearheading the Silkyara Tunnel rescue mission.

“The deployed drones are equipped with cutting-edge Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities. These features enable the generation of comprehensive data on the structure and geotechnical disturbances within tunnels and mines. This technology is utilized for underground and tunnel geotechnical applications, and it is instrumental in mapping the tunnel site to formulate an effective rescue plan. The integration of drone technology with AI and Machine Learning ensures accurate and enhanced visualization, enabling swift and effective decision-making for tunneling operations. This innovative approach not only expedites the rescue process but also enhances overall operational efficiency.” said Mr. Cyriac Joseph, Founder and CEO, Squadrone Infra and Mining Pvt. Ltd.

Squadrone’s onsite team will work in tandem with a dedicated backend team that will operate from the company’s headquarters in Bengaluru to provide crucial support and coordination to ensure seamless integration of data and insights. The team will play a crucial role in providing real-time feedback to the Geotechnical and rescue teams, contributing to the successful rescue mission.

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