Friday, August 4, 2023

Linde Launches “Career Enabling Program For Women Professionals”

Linde, a leading global industrial gases company, has recently launched Encore - a program specifically designed for women professionals who wish to restart their careers after a sabbatical.  

The Encore program aims to tap into the talent, and potential of women professionals who are currently on a career break and looking to reskill and retrain. The Encore Training Program reflects the company’s commitment to fostering gender equality and inclusivity within the workforce.  

This program offers an immersive learning experience across various domains like operations, distribution, sales, and finance allowing participants to work alongside experienced professionals. During the training period, participants will receive mentorship, guidance, and regular evaluations to track their progress. The program emphasizes practical, hands-on learning, enabling participants to gain confidence and refine their skills through real-world projects and assignments. 

For women who have taken a career break, returning to work is often challenging. The Encore Training Program seeks to leverage the potential and skills of these women professionals who have temporarily stepped away from the workforce for various reasons. 

Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years of work experience prior to their sabbatical to be eligible for the program.  

“We are excited to launch the Encore Training Program at Linde in India," said Nita Chakravarty, Head of HR, Linde - India, “Encore is a key initiative as we strive to create gender balance and implement more inclusive practices, fostering a progressive culture. We have established an ecosystem to support women professionals. We look forward to training and upskilling the candidates. Our diversity hiring practices follow global best practices, as we continuously evolve to become a more gender-diverse, inclusive company.” 

The Encore Training Program is open to women across age groups, holding postgraduate degrees, diplomas, or undergraduate degrees, who have taken a career break. The program offers comprehensive on-the-job training for a duration of 12-18 months with an aim to help participants refresh their skills and update their knowledge. 

Linde is one of the leading industrial gases companies in India. Linde is dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusivity within the workplace. By launching the Encore Training Program, the organization reinforces its commitment to gender equality and the advancement of women in the workforce.  

Reliance General Insurance Bolsters Financial Strength With Rs. 200 Crore Capital Raise 

* Through this capital infusion, RGI reaffirms its dedication to bolstering financial strength and seizing emerging opportunities in the general insurance sector.  

Reliance General Insurance Company Ltd (RGICL), one of India’s leading general insurance players, in a strategic move has raised the capital of Rs. 200 crores by issuing equity shares to Reliance Capital Limited, its esteemed promoter. With this capital raise, RGICL is reinforcing its commitment to financial strength and readiness to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the insurance sector. 

The Shareholders of the company at its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) held and have approved infusion of capital of about Rs. 200 crores in the company, by way of the issue of equity shares on a private placement basis. This capital infusion is aimed at pursuing new business opportunities for growth and securing the company's position amongst the market leaders. 

RGICL has been a category leading player, offering best-in-class products and tech-oriented service solutions.  With the freshly infused capital, there will be significant impetus on achieving strategic objectives, enabling the company to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the insurance sector, expanding product offerings and reaching new customers through innovative initiatives. These initiatives will mark an exciting phase of growth, stability, and excellence in the insurance market for Reliance General Insurance. The infusion will also enhance the company's solvency margin, reflecting its resilience in managing risks and instilling confidence among customers and stakeholders.  

Mr. Rakesh Jain, CEO of Reliance General Insurance Co. Ltd. expressed his optimism about the capital raise, stating, "This strategic decision is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry and delivering superior value to our customers. With this capital infusion, we are well-equipped to seize opportunities, innovate, and continue providing best-in-class insurance solutions." 

Reliance General Insurance is excited about the positive impact this capital rise will have on its growth trajectory and its ability to serve customers with excellence.  

About Reliance General Insurance 

Reliance General Insurance, a subsidiary of Reliance Capital, is one of India’s leading general insurance companies. The Company offers a well-rounded and comprehensive bouquet of products including Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, and Home Insurance. It provides customized solutions to meet the protection needs of each customer. Reliance General Insurance has a growing network of 9100+ hospitals. It also has a robust network of more than 90,000+ intermediaries and 130 branch offices across India for offering its products and services to retail, corporates, and SME clients.  

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