Monday, March 27, 2023

Home Credit India Comes With An “Ummeed ka Tohfa” Campaign Under ZindagiHit Brand Thought

* The new campaign on the brand thought of ZindagiHit showcases Home Credit India, trusted by 1.5Cr+ customers, as an enabler of fulfilling aspirations and help them celebrate life without financial worries 

With the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Home Credit India (HCIN), a local arm of the leading global consumer finance provider, unveiled its latest brand campaign – Ummeed ka Tohfa.. on lines of its new brand thought ‘ZindagiHit’. The digital campaign showcases Home Credit as an enabler, trusted by 1.5Cr+ customers with the support and special relation enjoyed with over 50,000 retail partner network pan-India, towards fulfilling aspirations and help them celebrate life without financial worries. 

This is the fourth AV under the ambit of ZindagiHit brand thought and is an effort to have sustained brand connect with Home Credit consumers and potential loans seekers. Home Credit India had launched its new brand thought ‘ZindagiHit’, during Diwali in October last year. The value proposition of ZindagiHit brand thought centers on traits such as optimism, progress, trustworthiness, transparency, and that of an enabler, making it a brand of choice when it comes to consumer loans.  

The narrative of the new digital campaign revolves around an artist who is struggling to run his artifacts gift shop. His loyal customer Shahid when visiting the shop to buy gifts for family for Eid, sees the withering condition of the shop and gets to know about his pain to compete with online competition and his financial hardships. Understand the situation, Shahid pacifies the artist and takes him to a mobile store for him to buy a new smartphone that will help his business go online. Seeing the helplessness of the artist, the retailer suggests him to buy any new phone by getting it financed through Home Credit India and payback through easy EMIs. Here in lies the value of Home Credit India, who financially empowers borrowers through easy and hassle-free loans. The video ends a tagline “aaj hi dein apno ko ummeed ka tohfa, aur kare ZindagiHit with Home Credit!” (Give a gift of hope to your loved ones today and bring happiness in life with Home Credit!) 

The new campaign is live across Home Credit’s social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.  

Having built a strong brand presence in the country in the last 10+ years, Home Credit India is trusted by 1.5Cr+ customers and 50,000+ retail partner network pan-India. As a responsible consumer lender, Home Credit India has also engaged with more than 3 million individuals through its financial literacy campaign - Paise Ki Paathshala - to foster a responsible borrowing culture in society at large. 

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