Thursday, September 22, 2022

MAXHUB To Showcase Its E-learning Interactive Solutions At DIDAC INDIA 2022

~ MAXHUB is participating in the Asia’s largest and India’s only education marketing conference and exhibition – DIDAC India 2022, Bangalore ~

MAXHUB, the world’s leading interactive and collaboration solutions brand, will be present at DIDAC INDIA 2022, India’s largest B2B exhibition offering a unique platform to showcase latest trends in the education industry from September 21 to September 23, 2022  at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre. With its focus on introducing more diverse EdTech products and solutions and dedication to growth and progress, the yearly exhibition is positioned to consistently set new standards in the Indian education and training industries. MAXHUB will be showcasing its latest Digital Classroom Solution which provides a complete E- learning hybrid classroom setup at the event. The integrated technologies in these solutions make SMART Classroom SMARTER and are suitable for use in sectors like education, hospitality, corporate, retail etc.

MAXHUB will present India's first disruptive and one-of-a-kind solutions for the educational system, which will support the crafting of futuristic classrooms for a better future. New range of Interactive Flat Panel with Android 11, Omni-Directional Bluetooth Speakerphones, Video conferencing Cameras and a complete set-up of an integrated advanced digital classroom with lecture recording facility will be on display. Customers will get a chance to test out the entire MAXHUB solutions range at the event.

Talking about the event, Mr Avinash Johri, Executive Director (CVTE India and & SAARC Region), said, “We are excited to participate in DIDAC India 2022, Bangalore . The exhibition will serve as the industry's main gathering place on a global scale. Products and services for all levels and sectors of education and training will be on display at the exhibition by exhibitors from different nations across the world. We aim to make it easier for educators to teach students in a high-quality manner by assisting educators and students in exploring and comprehending new technologies. Students will also benefit from learning about technologies they can apply in the workplace. We are confident that the richness of the solution will enable companies to run their operations more successfully.”

MAXHUB is a world-famous Solution Provider of all-in-one Education and Corporate products. We are part of CVTE Group, a 6 BUSD group with 4500+ Patents and more than 5,000 Global Employees. We are operational in 120+ Countries across the globe. MAXHUB entered the Indian Market in 2018 and in the span of just 4 years, has already made its mark in the industry.

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