Monday, September 5, 2022

Housejoy Joins Hands With Lakme, To Cater To All Its Bengaluru Outlets With Its On-Demand Repair & Maintenance Solutions

 ~The Bengaluru-based startup will be in-charge of taking care of all Lakme’s building, interior and maintenance needs in the city, and later expand to other tier 2 and 3 cities~

Housejoy, a Bangalore-based start-up specializing in expert on-demand services for repair, maintenance, renovation and appliance services, has joined hands with India’s premiere and oldest beauty brand Lakme. Housejoy will be in-charge of taking care of all Lakme’s studios, interior and maintenance needs and for its outlets in Bangalore.

The move happens to be one of the largest on-demand-service assignments for Housejoy, which has been steadily climbing up the preference charts for Indians who are on the lookout for efficient and speedy building solutions for their homes at competitive rates. For Lakme, Housejoy will start its work with more than 13+ outlets directly. The pilot run is in process and the experience is being conceptualized.  

As a leading beauty brand, Lakme has an intricate network of beauty outlets, all of which are replete with appliances needing regular maintenance. The partnership will ensure that Lakme benefits from Housejoy’s specialized and on-time service, while the latter will gain exposure from Lakme’s immense network. While Housejoy will begin servicing Lakme from Bangalore, the plan is to later go pan-India, and expand from 100 Lakme outlets to 50 more tier-2 and 3 cities.

Speaking on the move, Sanchit Gaurav, CEO, Housejoy, said, “Our start-up was founded in 2014 as a tech enabled on-demand, home-service brand, and has pivoted their way to become India’s first leading interior, renovation, construction, and maintenance solution provider --- a one-stop solution for all home needs. Lakme is a leader in the Indian beauty sector and having such an industry behemoth choose us is a testament to the quality of our on-demand services. We are very excited to work and learn with such a huge brand, and it will catapult us towards bigger and better avenues in the days to come, making Housejoy a popular household name.”

Ever since its inception, Housejoy has been pioneering interior, renovation, construction, and maintenance solutions, not just for independent customers and homeowners, but chain stores and industry leaders. The start-up aims to cater to similar businesses-like lifestyle and beauty studios in the future, enhancing the experience of its on-demand services. The company stands tall in its belief that everyone should be able to live comfortably. For all consumers, the start-up is developing a one-stop solution for home construction, from the stage of planning to approval for handover. The customer can find everything they need under one roof.

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