Friday, July 9, 2021

Bentley Systems Announces Seequent’s Acquisition Of Aarhus GeoSoftware

* Enriching Subsurface Digital Twins through Electromagnetic Remote Sensing for Water, Environmental, and Infrastructure Resilience

Bentley Systems, Incorporated (Nasdaq: BSY), the infrastructure engineering software company, today announcedthat its Seequent business unit has acquiredDanish companyAarhusGeoSoftware, a developer of geophysical software. The acquisition extends Seequent’s solutions for operational ground water management, and forsustainability projects involving exploration, contaminants, and infrastructure resilience. 

Aarhus GeoSoftware,aspinoff company fromAarhus Universityin Denmark, develops the software packages AGS Workbench,SPIA, Res2DInv, and Res3DInv for the processing, inversion, and visualizationof geophysical data from ground-based and airborne electromagnetic (EM),electrical resistivity tomography (ERT)remote sensing, and other sources.AGS software enables users to create 2D and 3D images of subsurface electrical resistivity. The outputs of the softwarecan be used to distinguish and differentiate subsurface materials and can subsequently be modeled in Seequent’s Leapfrog to aid in various subsurface investigations.

Thesoftware useselectric field measurements, collected at ground level orwithairborne sensors, to map the subsurface distribution of certain materials such as water, mineral deposits, and clays.Electrical resistivity allows a better understanding of the distribution of materials such as water, mineral deposits, and clays, and when the water contains other compounds such as salt, researchers and industry professionals can infer the distribution.

Thegenesis ofAGS software wasto ensure clean drinking water for future generations by mapping groundwater across Denmark. It is now used in many different areas,including locating subsurface faults and cavities to mitigate construction risk, in mining for investigatingorebodiesand waste rock and tailing processes, monitoring movements of groundwater and contaminants to help understand environmental impacts, modeling dam and tunnel stability, andassessing landslide risk to gauge asset resilience or construction plan impacts.Seequent will continue its tradition of collaborating withuniversities and research organizations worldwide  through ongoing engagement with Aarhus University for the development of AGS geophysical solutions.

Graham Grant, chief executive officer of Seequent, said,“The acquisitionwill add new geophysical data processing capabilitiesto our workflows to help advance subsurface investigation and modeling. AGS software, coupled with Seequent’sadvanced geologic modeling and analysis software, creates a key tool in helping understand and manage groundwater and assessing risk in infrastructure such as dams and canals.We’re excited about the new possibilities this opens up for our collective users worldwide, improving life-time digital twins.”

Toke Højbjerg Søltoft, chief executive officer ofAarhusGeoSoftware, said, “Seequent’s global reach will allow AGS software to positivelyimpact more projects worldwide.As we continue to develop solutions, ourusers will benefit from our tools being in Seequent’s ecosystem and workflow. We’re excited to join Seequent and to work together on oursharedvisionofhelping organizations make more informed andsustainable decisionsthrough abetter understanding of the subsurface.”

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